Takashi Miike Directs Online Yakuza Shorts

Posted by: Goon
The video game titled Yakuza will be hitting store shelves on September 5th here in the states and will be on shelves in Europe on the 15th. To tie in with the game Sega has hired Takashi Miike to direct some Yakuza short episodes that will take place before the game. Little prequel episodes so that when you pick up the game you already know the back story.
Takashi Miike is no stranger to the Yakuza film either. He has directed Dead or Alive, Gozu, Full Metal Yakuza, and Graveyard of Honor. All of them having a little bit to do with the Yakuza and its inner workings. The first of the four episodes is up at the European site for the game. There is no time schedule set for when the other three will be released but they should all be online before the game hits stores on September 15th in Europe.
You can check out the first episode here.


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