Todd Lincoln Updates us on Hack Slash

Posted by: Stanch
Rogue Pictures is adapting Hack/Slash into a feature film with Todd Lincoln at the Helm. Todd dropped us a line to give us some updates on the film. Quote:
We’re not adapting any specific storylines from the Hack/Slash comics, but we will touch on the origin story. That being said, this is not an origin story movie. It cuts to the chase and drops you in the s**t by minute one. The film will stay true to the style, heart and voice of the comics. Fans are absolutely going to get the Cassie and Vlad they know and love.
Tonally, the movie is much more grounded and serious than the comic. There’s a sprinkling of humor to balance the scares, but this will be a lean, vicious, blood-soaked, Hard R fright fest. The goal is to create the ultimate slasher film. Not just a love letter to slasher films, but a film that reconstructs, reinvigorates and elevates the genre.
Are you excited? I am excited. We will keep you up to date. The Hack / Slash Series follows Cassie Hack and her hulking partner Vlad as they  travel across the country hunting supernaturally empowered serial killers or "Slashers."


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