The Sarah Connor Chronicles Coming To TV

Posted by: Jerrica
Lena Headley has been tapped to take on a starring role in the upcoming Terminator TV show, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles". Variety is reporting that the star of Brothers Grimm will be in the pilot being written by Josh Friedman.
A pilot is officially in the works for "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," a television series that will follow the life of Sarah Connor and her son John after the events of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." David Nutter has been chosen by Warner Brothers to direct the pilot, as his name is synonymous with successful shows getting off the ground. Past examples of Nutter’s first episode standouts, the WB hits "Smallville" and "Supernatural" as well as the past shows "Jack & Bobby" and "Roswell." Nutter is also known for his work on the Chris Carter phenomenon that was "The X-Files." Nutter has worked on James Cameron’s material before also, having directed the pilot for Cameron’s television series "Dark Angel."

The idea of a series based completely upon the life of Sarah Connor on the run with her son John who will lead humans to revolt against the machines is an interesting one. There’s potential for a hearty story there, but the show will have to live up to that potential and expectations that will arise simply because of connotations to the first two movies. This could easily go bad as well, beating a possibly intriguing journey into the dirt and trampling on the solid reputation of the Cameron films as some felt the third film "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" did. It’s tricky territory, but if the makers of the series tread carefully, they could have something very good on their hands. Nutter’s involvement in the project is a positive sign and may just be the mark of hope stamped upon this project to make sure it doesn’t go down like the Titanic or "T3" for that matter.


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