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We Bought A Zoo

Why You Need To Watch ‘We Bought A Zoo’

There are no fighting robots, aliens, or super-heroes in We Bought A Zoo. There’s not even one explosion. So, why in the hell should you see it?! Because it’s a Cameron Crowe film. And Cameron Crowe may be the last ...
by Ray Sweat

The Hunger Games

Dissecting The Hunger Games Movie

Before getting into this Hunger Games storm I was a skeptic. I thought this was another Twilight or something, but I was told that it wasn’t so I sat down and read the novel a few weeks ago AND IT WAS FANTASTIC! Soon I wa...
by Ray Sweat


Retro Viewing: Roswell Season 1

Roswell High is kind of crazy. It’s got teen angst, 25 year-old looking students, and homework that never really gets done. Oh yeah, and three of the students are aliens. ROSWELL isn’t just another show set in high-...
by Ray Sweat



TV is Just Too Damn Good

The worst kind of people in the world are the ones who tell you “I don’t own a TV.” If you ever run into these people, kick them in the shin as hard as you can. They’re bad people. The worst. It doesn...
by Ray Sweat

The Woman in Black

The Woman In Black Movie Review

The Woman in Black is one scary lady! She’s tall, old, full of hate, dressed in dark robes and set on revenge. She hides in the shadows, revealing herself only so slightly which is just enough to scare the poop from your ...
by Ray Sweat



Chronicle Movie Review

Going in to CHRONICLE I had decent expectations. I was hoping for an enjoyable movie but not really much else. It’s the best way to apprach these movies that you have no idea of how they’re going to be. When the fil...
by Ray Sweat


Super Movie Review

I don’t really know how to review this film. It’s been a couple of days since I saw it and it’s still on my mind. I guess that’s as great a compliment you can give to a film. When reading the movie descr...
by Ray Sweat


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Review

I’ve always enjoyed the Mission Impossible movies. No franchise does a better job of making you hide behind corners and roll behind bushes with a finger gun while humming the spy tune. Alone of course. Mission Impossible ...
by Ray Sweat



Neverland, A SyFy Miniseries Review

Ru-fi-o! Ru-fi-o! Ru-fi-ooooooooooo! I’m going to start this review off with a trailer for the film, just ’cause. httpv:// Part of me has always been fascinated by Peter Pan since ...
by Ray Sweat


The Muppets Movie Review

Do you realize that it’s been 12 years since we’ve last seen the Muppets on the big screen? It’s crazy to think about. The Muppets are as big of an American institution as Saturday Night Live is. There should ...
by Ray Sweat



Defending Adam Sandler and his Comedies

About a month ago I was searching my OnDemand and came across Just Go With It. It was late and I couldn’t sleep so I chose it – it was free so what did I have to lose? I didn’t see this movie in theaters for t...
by Ray Sweat


The Dark Knight Rises – A Closer Look

Christopher Nolan has a chance to cement his Batman trilogy as the best superhero film franchise ever with his third and final installment The Dark Knight Rises, as well as one of the most successful trilogies ever. Lord know...
by Ray Sweat

Dead or Alive

Video Game Movies: The Worst, the Best, and the Future

Video games have always been a source for Hollywood to bank off of, much like comic books. When a video game franchise reaches a certain amount of success it’s only natural to want to see it portrayed on the big screen. I...
by Ray Sweat



Interview with Grabbers screenwriter Kevin Lehane

When a rural Irish fishing village is invaded by blood-sucking, tentacled monsters from the sea, picking off locals one at a time, the inhabitants must find a way to survive. Headed up by two police officers – the charmin...
by Ray Sweat


10 Netflix Instant Viewing Hidden Gems

Netflix Instant Viewing is awesome. But with that said, seeing the same movie recommendations fill up your screen can get a little fatiguing. I mean, how many times can you see movies like Transmorphers and Robocop 2 on your ...
by Ray Sweat