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May 20th, 2018

Is The World Ready For A Starship Troopers Remake?

We live in a time where Hollywood thinks remaking beloved movie classics need to be reimagined for modern audiences- so obviously that’s why there’s news now that STARSHIP TROOPERS is reportedly on the remake slate. That’s right folks the Arachnids are quite possibly next to be given that prestigious title of “classic” vs remake. I’m being light hearted about all this of course because while I really did get a kick out of STARSHIP TROOPERS when I was a kid, in no way shape or form do I believe this is a good idea- and I don’t even really HATE remakes.

While the good news in some respects seems to be that writers behind THOR and X-MEN FIRST CLASS have been given the pen it still seems like there could be so many other choices out there to remake and this is only a film from 1997. I guess the other good news is that maybe we can see the film with a decent lead actor, a comeback role from a fallen star and the chance to see dudes play an even future-y form of indoor football and then get their brains sucked out by a giant bug- on second thought count me in on this remake.

I remember as a teen that STARSHIP TROOPERS had everything a bright young teenager could want, graphic violence, alien action, boobs and Denise Richards. Nowadays not much has changed for teens except Denise Richards is probably more Katy Perry and STARSHIP TROOPERS is the movie where Richards DIDN’T take her top off. All in all with the write kind of attitude and cast I think I could enjoy a remake for STARSHIP TROOPERS…just be thankful it isn’t another straight to DVD sequel.

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