The El Nino phenomenon is coming to an end.  El Nina is coming.  What awaits us next?  Forecasting

American meteorologists announced on Thursday that the El Nino weather phenomenon is expected to end by the end of next June. According to their expectations, the “La Nina” phenomenon may occur in the second half of 2024.

The US Center for Climate Prediction said in its monthly forecast on Thursday that the chance of a “La Niña” phenomenon occurring in the period from June to August is 49 percent, and rises to 69 percent in the period from July to September.

What is the importance of these phenomena?

The occurrence of climate changes that can cause long-term droughts, tropical cyclones and fires is of great importance for agriculture.

The occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon last year led to a decline in India’s rice exports, the main supplier. This was due to a very bad monsoon season. Wheat production in Australia, one of the top ten exporting countries, has also suffered, as have soybean and corn crops in Latin America.

“The La Nina phenomenon is likely to affect wheat and corn production in the United States, and soybean, barley, wheat and corn production in Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay,” Sabreen Chowdhury, a financial markets analyst, said in an interview with Reuters.

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El Nino and La Niña. what are they?

El Niño and La Niña are large-scale climate phenomena that affect the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific Ocean. El Niño is characterized by warm, above-average ocean surface temperatures in the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean. In contrast, during the opposite phase, called “La Nina,” the water temperature in the same area drops to below average.

The complete weather pattern, which includes El Nino, La Niña and a neutral phase, usually lasts two to seven years. Experts warn that Latin American countries should be on high alert because the rapid transition to La Nina this time may leave populations and crops little time to recover.

Last month, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) announced that El Niño had ended.

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