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May 23rd, 2018

Gillian Anderson Hopes For X-Files 3 in 2012

Its not like its the first time we have heard  a new X-Files movie is coming but its been awhile since we have heard anyone really talking about it.  A script has been completed for some time now and from time to time David Duchovny has shown interest in reprising his role as Mulder.

The latest news on the X-files 3 movie cmoes from Gillian Anderson who in an interview with the Australian Breakfast Show Sunrise revealed that she hopes to see the new film in theaters in 2012. Clearly if this is to happen they had better hurry up and start shooting.

I am a huge fan of the X-Files television series and the first movie. The second movie had some great elements but for me completely missed the point of what X-Files. My hope is X-files 3 would return us to a happy place.


  1. X-Files 3
    it seems that there are many good movies will be released in 2012

  2. Dr Rick

    Please let it be true.  Let us have an ending to this fantastic series.  This was the best show of its genre. Personally, I would like to see 10 more films.  I know there are some “haters” out there but if you go back and really watch the series you will discover excellent shows in season 8 and 9.  It is a myth that the quality of writing deteriorated.  Unfortunately, some viewers turned their interests elsewhere when Duckovny opted out.

  3. Virgie Valenzuela

    I’ve been hoping for xfiles 3rd movie for years…I miss Mulder and Scully…

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