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June 20th, 2018

Ghostface Gets Bloody In New Scream 4 Image

In less than a month SCREAM 4 will open nationwide. There has been an abundance of posters and images released in the past few months and the newest image is easily my favorite of the bunch. The image features the infamous Ghostface bloody from a recent killing.

There’s been lots of rumors and buzz surrounding the film over the past couple months regarding spoilers and who might be biting the dust in the normal opening kill that’s featured in each film of the series. The trailers released have also been quite spoiler heavy in my opinion otherwise I’ve been pretty spoiler free on the film. Feel free to share your thoughts on the photo, the series in general and your theory on who will be Ghostface’s first victim in SCREAM 4.

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  1. Kenny Sullivan

    more new scream 5-6-7 more two come i lovie scream   horror movies

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