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October 18th, 2018

Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Sequel Updates

Wow thats a mouthful. Brad Fuller the producer at Platinum Dunes took some time over the weekend to post some updates on the upcoming sequel to the Nightmare on Elm Street Remake. To me this was the worst remake I have seen in a long time. This coming from a guy who like most of what Platinum Dunes has done. Anyrate Brad fuller says that at this time there are no plans for a sequel tweeting;

Lots of rumors out there. I want to set the record straight on freddy and Jason. First, let’s talk Jason. Shannon and swift wrote a great script. We are ready to go, when new line is ready. But as of yet, they are not ready. As for Freddy, as far as I know, there isnt even talk of writing another script.

So there will be more of Jason and Friday the 13th but wont be any Nightmare on Elm Street anytime soon.


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