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June 19th, 2018

Canadian Government Ready to Crush CRTC Bandwith Ruling

Those of us in Canada which I realise is a small portion of our readers are still upset the CRTC passed a rule saying that large internet Telecom companies who also happen to own the cable/satellite market can charge us whatever they want for using bandwith. In a nutshell Canadian Internet Users are being charged for using Netflix and other Video on Demand services and that is just out right unfair.

Today comes word from LFPress that the Conservative Government is ready to crush the CRTC ruling if the CRTC does not overturn it themselves. A government official told the QMI Agency on Wednesday of this week that the CRTC should be under no illusions and that if they do not reverse the decision the Prime Minister and or Minister of Indusrty will. Put simply this is fantastic and huge news.

If the Conservative Government which is the ruling party actually acts in our best interests they will have won my respect and vote for doing the clearly right thing. First thing I am doing when the ruling gets crushed is dropping my big name internet provider and going to a small isp for my internet and VONAGE for my home phone just to make a point and thank the large telecom companies trying to screw me over!

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  1. daxter

    amen i’ll be doing the same thing

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