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June 25th, 2018

Clip: Natalie Portman Bares All In Sexy Role

I gotta say I just dont get what Natalie Portman is thinking with her new film role in Your Highness where she stars alongside James Franco. Think of the movie as Pineapple Express meets Lord of the Rings and Natalie Portman is playing the eye candy and I do mean Eye Candy. In the trailer which we showed you yesterday for Your Highness there is a scene where Natalie strips down to her … well thong…. if you can call it that and shows off a whole lot of skin.

Admittedly Natalie is incredibly beautiful but to me it came off as a huge gimmick. Is Natalie trying to raise her profile by showing more skin? Or is this the kind of artistic work that requires this kind of skin being revealed? For me I think its likely an attempt to generate some buzz and clearly its working. You can watch the snippet from the trailer I am referring to below. Although it contains no nudity its clearly NSFW.

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  1. Baine309d

    Stop your bitching man. You really got nothing better to do? (Neither do I, that’s why I’m posting this. I’m aware of the irony here) I didn’t know anything or seen any trailers of this movie before I’d seen it. I had a great time watching it and Ms. Portman was just a bonus for me. Don’t try to find a deeper meaning behind it, nor try to find ulterior motives for why she showed her behind in a movie. Just be grateful like I know you really are. And if her thong bothered you that much, I can’t, for the life of me, begin to try and understand why you proceeded watching this movie after they were forced to jerk off the old wizard. Okay, maybe that part I could understand, seeing as you don’t really see the actual act but I’ll bet you you didn’t turn it off when Courtney was being raped by a minotaur. Or when, for the better part of the film, Thadeus was wearing a severed penis around his neck… Get your priorities straight… Now go make me a sammich!

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