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June 19th, 2018

Latest Tron: Legacy Trailer Shows More Story

The most recent trailer for “Tron: Legacy” furthers two things. The first would be that there are definitely two Flynn’s walking around in Tronland and they are both played by the greatness of Jeff Bridges. This trailer makes it very obvious that Bridges plays Kevin Flynn and also the main villain. The second thing? The visual effects in this movie are going to be mind blowing.

I’m on record as despising “Avatar”, mostly due to the fact that everyone looked like cartoon blue cats. I just couldn’t get over how phony all of it looked and it was always obvious to me that what I was looking at was not real. “Tron: Legacy” gives me no pause. This thing looks as if there are really people inside a neon video game world driving light cars and throwing laser frisbee. I don’t think those are the technical names of those things so please don’t run with them. I don’t want your online “Call Of Duty” friends to mock you.

PS-I love “Call Of Duty”. Here’s the trailer


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