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May 26th, 2018

Channing Tatum Is Going Undercover In “21 Jump Street”

To be honest, I wasn’t even really aware that a movie version of the preposterous TV show “21 Jump Street” was actually happening. To my surprise, not only is Jonah Hill the number one star attached to the movie, he’s also credited as co-writing it. From what I’ve read, it sounds like they are going to make this thing a very R-rated comedy. That information is good to know because there aren’t many actors that can swear as great as Hill.

If you ask me, they already have scored heavy laughs with the rumored casting of Channing Tatum. This guy is a laugh riot. His comedic turns in “G.I. Joe”, “Step Up” (not to mention “Step Up 2: The Streets”), “Fighting”, and the classic “Dear John” are already a scream. They always keep me in tears.

I’m not going to completely bash Tatum, his movies really do all the talking. It sounds like Tatum will be playing anĀ ego maniacal, cocky, but very stupid police detective. It seems like Tatum’s cop will be the target of Hill’s insults, which (God Help Me) actually seems promising. If Tatum only has to stand there, be pretty and stupid while Jonah Hill roasts him, I’m completely into it.

Note: Not having Richard Grieco appear in this movie would be like not putting Kermit in the new Muppet Movie.


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