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May 24th, 2019

Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2010 So Far

I have been an admirer of movies since I was a kid and my tastes have evolved as I’ve gotten older. Nothing pleases me more than a slow artful drama, or a tasteless slapstick comedy all the way to brain-dead action flicks, but the one genre I will always have a passionate love for is horror. I may not be as versed in the genre as many horror-buffs, but as the years go by nothing really puts a smile on my face like a good jaunt into the world of horror. Every year I like to take a step back and recognize the films that spoke to me the most and while there is still a couple months to go I thought it’d be fun to take a look back and relive some of my favorites from this year so far.

Unfortunately, I feel like the horror releases both theatrically and direct-to-DVD have been extremely lackluster, and I had trouble filling out what I thought was a worthwhile list of 10 high quality films. The first four choices are all what I would call good films, but the real crème de la crème don’t kick in till the top six and I am keeping my fingers crossed that come December 31st the first half of the list will look a little different. Most of these flicks are on DVD and Blu Ray right now so if you’re looking for something to watch this Halloween get to your nearest DVD retailer and pick one up or head out to the theater and check them out!

10. The Crazies – I knew that this film was a remake of a George Romero movie and admittedly I have never seen Romero’s original film. I cannot compare the two films, but while watching the update I can’t help but feel like the original moves a little slower and cares less about breakneck pacing to please today’s ADD audiences. I absolutely love Timothy Olyphant and his deputy in this flick though, as well as the intense nature of its pace.

9. Daybreakers – I had extremely high expectations for this film upon its release. The previews made this film out to look like it was going to be all kinds of crazy. What I got was considerably less so, serves me right for being fooled by the trailer. I found the film to be a lot slower than I was expecting and for as serious as it seemed the film wanted to be all the cheesy acting by Willem Dafoe and over the top gore at the end was sort of jarring. I really did enjoy the film though, but I was really hoping the filmmakers would explore the lore of Subsiders and the effects that the lack of blood had on the vampire population and less on the ridiculous discovery of the cure.

8. The Wolfman – I expect that this is not going to be a popular pick and had this year not been severely lacking in unbelievable horror films there is probably no way this would have been considered to be on the list. That being said I had a ton of fun watching this one; Del Toro is tragically miscast in the lead and the only time I enjoyed his character is when he was covered in hair, not speaking and decapitating everyone in his path. I really dug the werewolf makeup effects and transformation but when it came to the beast getting on all fours and moving at incredible speed, I found myself face palming more than once. Plus this film feature Anthony Hopkins chewing ever so delightfully on the scenery and a so bad it’s good final fight sequence that had me cringing and smiling all at the same time.




  1. Trazadone

    The Wolf Man was just awful. It has some very effective action sequences, but these are interspersed with long dour conversations that hold little interest. Perhaps this is simply a bad film with a great cast? I cannot think of a better person to portray the titular character than Benicio Del Toro, who naturally looks like a wolf man, but his performance never portrays the tortured, conflicted soul that Lon Chaney Jr. did with ease. Every conversation is grim, no one ever smiles, and there is no one to root for. It’s a tedious exercise.

  2. Jodiesohl

    Geez! What is it with Paranormal Activity????? The first one wasn’t even scary. Couldn’t stand the couple. The acting was terrible. I don’t know what worse. The fact that you put Paranormal Activity 2 on here, or the fact after hating the first one so much I saw the second one. Neither of these movies has a single redeeming quality when it comes to horror films.

    • Are you kidding me? Paranormal Activity is the only real thing we have to a horror movie in America. The drivel that they release month after month of slaughter is nothing but to be laughed at. Paranormal Activity succeeds in a market it shouldn’t and takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you believe that this is actually happening. The acting isn’t the greatest but it isn’t the worst I’ve seen. The movies do a great job at getting into your head and leaving you with the thought of “did that really happen”? To sit there and criticize one of the best horror movie series in the last couple of years is absolutely ridiculous. Let me guess your all about Saw 3d though.

      • artstar

        I understand why people might like paranormal activity, especially with the popularity of paranormal TV shows, I was thrilled to see the first one and had high hopes based on all the buzz, but when I finally saw the film I realized it was only the buzz that kept me interested. Maybe I expected to much but I found it very dull and and lifeless. The characters were banal, boorish and I hoped the worst for them like the douchebags in Cloverfield. Because of the acting and writing I could not buy into the simpleton effects( I was not expecting more ) sorry I just wasn’t sold. I recommend films like “I Saw the Devil”, “A Tale of Two Sisters”, “Audition”, even “Devil” was simple and effective, for me…I was really wanting to like PA but it just felt like watching a fake ghost video on YOUTuBE..

      • Iwanapisonu69

        you are a fag. paranormal activity is shit and the only reason some people ask if its real is because they try saying it’s real.
        you are a tool

    • Brihackums

      if you didn’t like the first one..why would you go see the second one? common sense should have told you it was going to be very much similar to the last. let me guess…your going to see the 3rd one as well huh?

    • KoolDeal

      No really, I don’t understand what’s so scary about Paranormal Activity? I agree that it was a cheap entertainment but it wasn’t scary and neither does it belong in the Horror genre. I loved pretty much everything else on this list though (except Buried which I haven’t seen yet). I don’t understand how anyone can call Paranormal Activity “one of the best horror movie series in the last couple of years”. It is a slap to Horror movie genre. I am true horror movie fan and I have to say that PA sucks A$$! Also, I haven’t seen Saw 3D… I gave up after the first three.

    • KoolDeal

      I meant “slap in the face to Horror movie genre”

    • Soulcreepa

      For real? You should see this movie at my secluded house, I bet you don’t dare a step in the attic after waching it. I saw this movie when I was home alone, all the lights turned of, headphone on, and no people nearby, daaaaaaamn. Don’t forget that you have to be open-minded if you watch this movie. If you don’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal and you say beforehand that it’s all fake then you won’t be scared easily, but if you think that this possibly could be real and place yourself in their shoes, then you might shit in your pants.
      Together with ‘The blair witch project’ one of the best psychological horror movies ever made.

      • Ronix13

        that is how everyone should see it. i totally believe in possesion and demons probably more than ghosts so that made this movie pretty scarry for me. not to mention when i did see it i did think it was real for the longest time. To many horror movies these day start out good and then become too cheesy at the end. I do agree that the end of paranormal activity was a little cheesy but the alternate ending was better anyway. but when you have something you cant see doing the scaring instead of monsters or serial killers it enhances the thought of “holy shit what if this happened to me” the after effect of movies like that when you are in the dark and start thinking about that it makes you scared.

    • adrama

      Why did you watch the second one if you didn’t like the first one then? I loved it personally!

    • adrama

      Why did you watch the second one if you didn’t like the first one then? I loved it personally!

    • Frankybaby429

      i agree with you i was with my parents when it came out on dvd and people we new said to us that it was scary and you wont sleep at night soo we watch it and i agree that there acting suck ass and it was bullshit all the way to hell !!!!

  3. John

    I agree with Jodiesohl. Paranormal Activity sucked. The film is so slow paced that the first three times I tried to watch it it put me to sleep. The only good part in the whole film is the ending scene (which you already saw in the previews!!!!!!!!). The lame plot is haphazardly thrown together and it closely resembles a film I watched that was put together by a bunch of bored teenagers. The Production Agencies LOVE films like this because they cost practically NOTHING to make and since they lack a decent plot they can hire any shitty actor or actress to play the parts. Horror films suck anymore. Stephen King is due for a comeback!!

    • Xeftienhememu

      All of Stephen Kings movies sucked though: Rose Red, The Stand, Desperation, and the piece of crap version of the shining he did. The only decent Stephen King movies are ones he had no part in, like Kubricks version of the shining.

      • I'm Right You're Wrong

        The Mist is one of the best movies ever made. Better than ANY King movie. Misery was good…Pet Cemetery was good and so was Thinner.

        • Xeftienhememu

          I forgot I had stumbled this two months back, seems like stumble wanted me to find it again.
          Thing is, like I said, King didn’t direct, or take much part in, misery, pet cemetery, or thinner. He’s a lousy made-for-t.v. kind of guy.

      • Pispaaltje

        lol, stephen king even has a role in kubricks version of the shining (hotelmanager) so wtf are you talking about??

      • Pispaaltje

        also: i take it you haven’t watched the green mile and shawshank redemption?

    • robbie

      jap ive you wonna sleep and you cant just watch paranormal activity


    think ur right its the best of them all

  5. Markryzhkov

    A Serbian Film is the best and most disturbing horror film of 2010

  6. Eugen_alexx

    Paranormal Activity 2 is by far the most scary,i saw Frozen too and didn’t have any efect on me,and Shutter Island nonetheless,so,change this top…

  7. Saideep

    there were hardly 10 horror films this year,let alone 10 best.

  8. I’m going to write my 10 worst at the end of the year.

    Don’t accuse me of plagiarism if it’s the same list.

  9. Anonymous

    As a horror fan I’ve got to say that this is a terrible list. Maybe _The 10 Best Mainstream (expletive-deleted)” would have been a better title.

    Is Shutter Island even a horror movie? Wouldn’t that be more of a psychological thriller? I definitely didn’t even think to classify it as a horror flick. The Wolfman? Really? Daywalkers… Ok, I’ll give you 5 and 6 just to be fair.

    Sorry to sound like a troll and no offense to the author (I guess), but there’s much more creative stuff going on in the world.

  10. saly

    itsgd bat its so0o0 scird me l caing and scird oool 1 week

  11. Bowelrodent

    A Serbian Film is vile for the sake of being vile. Fans of Saw, Hostel etc will love it.

    It does star footballer Gaizka Mendieta and pop pervert George Michael though.

  12. Pj20

    paranormal rock it leaves you sleepless nights

  13. Killerbee

    you are so gay

  14. Souuleatr223

    Am I the only one who is wondering why the fuck shutter island is on a horror list

  15. Kaurzadki

    Oh common man… have of those ain’t even classified as horrors.

  16. Swamy

    I cannot believe FROZEN made it on this list. It has to be one of the most awful films I have ever watched.

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  18. Im going to download Paranormal Activity 2 now, great list

  19. Shutter Island is the one I like

  20. I watched almost all movies in the list, best movie for me is “The Crazies” its simply amazing and a very good movie. Like it a lot

  21. X-jannie-x

    I like cheese 😀

  22. KoolDeal

    I meant to say “slap in the face”

  23. LeslieVernon28

    Wow, this list is pretty freaking horrible. Ever hear of horror films not made in the U.S.? Safe popcorn films and remakes… only one remake deserved to be on the list.

    10. Piranha 3D(fun film)
    9. The Final
    8. All About Evil
    7. Stakeland
    6. Heartless
    5. Black Death
    4. Frozen
    3. The Loved Ones
    2. Amer
    1. A Serbian Film

  24. The Last Exorcism is surely freaky! Damn! My daughter keeps on screaming at me when we were watching the movie. The Wolfman is not that of a hrror film. It is more like a fantasy, mythical movie. But good enough to make me buy the DVD. LOL

  25. el tel

    The last Exorcism was a load of pants, they just dont make horrors like they used to anymore i would love to see an updated version of the old hammer house of horrors now that would be awsome!

  26. Asdfasfasdfasdfasdfasdf

    this is exactly what im buying 4 my enemy on chrstmas

  27. Denda1990

    the human centipede is also good
    a serbian film is very good but none of those 10 movies impressed me at all


    • Anonymous

      I have to agree wuth you.Obviously,people don’t know good movies nowadays. The last exorcism,really?! I was not impressed with that cheap ghetto film

  28. Tripwire09

    LMAO!!! asian horror films is much scarier than those in the list..

  29. ankit

    chutiya panti

  30. moooooooon

    wats up with that picture…the last exorcism..its so freaky it made me wanna go and watch that movie.^_^..i loooooooove scary movies even though i get scared sometimes :(

  31. Sdoglicker

    very good turned me on

  32. nervouskid

    You missed “My Soul To Take” 😀

  33. Shaneaniruth

    Paranormal Activity 1 & 2 are my choices for the scariest i’ve ever seen. If u think it suckd ass then ur not a true fan of horror. All horror is fictitious, but we are tantalised because we watch it with the intent of being scared, with the belief that it is real….i for 1 know of and have seen with my eyes people possesd by demons….and PA 1 & 2….hats off. brilliant. it leaves a stain on ur mind and life for a very long time. Love it!

    • Horrorfan

      PA was average at best, PA2 was shit. All they provide is a few formulaic “jumps”.
      Sorry, you may think you’re a true horror fan, but if these movies made it anywhere near the top 10 best horror movies you’ve seen, then you really need to broaden your tastes.

  34. Shaneaniruth

    Another awesome movie was Drag me to Hell. It was a big hit in South Africa.

  35. Shaneaniruth

    If you know of a movie that is shocking and terrifying let me know…and i’ll watch it. not anything with blood and guts cause thats bullshit. i see blood every day in the hospital that i work at. Whats more terrifying is something about demons and ghosts… things that you cant see

  36. Jwsmith

    Everyone has their own tastes, I have been a fan of the horror genre for years and have watched everything from thriller to gore. This list is pretty fair considering the options that came out. I have to say the first Paranormal Activity was better than the second for the fact we weren’t sure if it was real or not, that uncertainty makes it much more creepy. Lots of movies can splash blood and guts around and gross viewers out but how many can truly scare you ? That’s a good horror flick !

  37. Christian Fuk You

    Shutter Island and Frozen are under Thriller.

    Paranormal had some shity actors.

  38. I haven’t seen all of them but for the most part disappointed in the year’s horror films – Paranormal Activity 2, Frozen, The Crazies, The Wolfman – none moved me. Shutter Island was great, but I wouldn’t call it horror. I do need to see The Last Exorcism yet – maybe it will make the list at

    • I enjoyed many aspects of The Wolfman but agree it was mostly not scary — given the definition of scary is ‘troubled sleeping patterns.’  I like Hopkins’ role — the extended version is slightly better BUT can’t really say say it is a horror.  Graphic, yes.  The film seriously needs to be re-cut.  Soundtrack probably needs to be replaced as well.  Elfman or not!  Jeepers Creepers is a better example of a horror, though not of this year.

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  42. Ryan_worse123

    Much better in Asian Horror movies..

  43. Koolzero

    I can’t believe you picked shutter island as #1! I got bored of that movie halfway.

  44. Asdas

    Am i the only one that has no

  45. duh! yo he visto la mayoria de esas peliculas y son una cochinada -.-, bueno bueno, una que otra se salva por que está entretenida, pero hoy en día el cine de horror está careciendo tanto de historias como de efectos, aunque una buena pelicula de horror puede contener una historia interesante que atrape desde el principio sin necesidad de tener grandes efectos pero caray! las peliculas de hoy sólo se hacen por hacer, o será que las personas de ahora se asustan y conforman con cualquier cosa? 

  46. deadscary

    This list is crap none of them are scary, most aren’t even horror. false advertising man piss poor. yeah the year sucked so its hard to find a good one but at least try if your gonna put out a list. Paranormal activity 1 & 2 sucked honestly the dog and the baby did the best acting. If anyone wants to get scared try watching faces of death(old), its not fiction but it will horror-fy you, I recommend it on date night if you want to get lucky. Again lame list for horror films.

  47. Anonymous

    The only two films on this list that I really think deserve to be there are Let Me In and Shutter Island as many before me have said american horror has become a disaster. Paranormal (the first and subsequent ones) are remakes of Asian horror films. Trust me, if you don’t mind subtitles, you should look to South Korea for horror.

  48. Anonymous

    Well, the post really contains the best of horror movies of the year of 2010. And this one really contains the exceptional movies of the year of 2010. According to me, Shutter Island and Paranormal Activity 2 are the most promising and entertaining movies among them. This one is truly the great information post. And the regarding information really makes me crazy about it. Thanks for sharing.

  49. strawberry

    Where is The Sixth Sense,The Omen, andThe Silence of the Lambs?
    The list is not good. A lot of personal opinions. However, I only agree Shutter Island and “Let the Right One In”. (Let me in is rubbish. You should watch the original “Let the Right One In”)

  50. KAYLEE

    i really dont like the movie insidiuos its fucking scary inless you have peoole with you and i look up on what web site that said justin bieber never say never was the scariest movie of 2011 THATS BS!!

  51. brandon

    Anyone who got scared during Paranormal Activity needs to grow the fuck up. You are the kind of people who get frightened when farting during sleep. Normally I don’t give two shits what people like but this affects the entire genre and what the studios release. Thanks to you douche bags, these movies with no cinematic quality or artistic vision are what we have to look forward to. If you enjoy watching movies please actually learn something about film. North America is already devoured with shitty rap and pop music. People need to distinguish between polished turds and actual skill.

    • Ronix13

      you need to shut the fuck up. horror shouldn’t be about all fucking killing and blood and guts. they wanted to make it look realistic and its because of people like you that give good movies a bad name. PA was a good movie and is one of the more scarier ones because if you believe in demons or ghosts and are a real horror fan then it enhances you feeling of being scared of the unknown

  52. Imakillya

    horror just aint horror any more lookling at that list,it’s sad that it comes to this in the time we are living in.Got 3d advanced cameras & technology at it’s peak.They put millions of dollars into these films & we still can’t get a break.The movies that are alright or better than these aint on here,who ever is doing this don’t know good from bad!

  53. zzchikizz

    Top 10 worst horror movies of 2010 so far, i agree

  54. ahmet tayfur

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  55. Anonymous

    I think many people mistake scary movies for horror movies. Yes horror is scary, but true horror movies are derranged and f’d up. Not just thrilling. 

  56. Anonymous

    I’m suprised that they’ed say the last exorcism.That movie was a waste of time and money.It was a cheap film with shitty actors and one of the stupidest storylines ever. My friends and I could have come up with a better horror movie with a flip cam in the woods behind my house with a half-assed storyline and it’d be better than that movie. If you wanted to see that movie,SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME!!!!

  57. WildFlower

    The Silence of the Lambs, The Omen (original), Wake Up Call (documentary)

  58. Fucku

    Stopped reading after you recommended “the wolfman” that movie sucks harder then a classy hooker

  59. Awesome

    Paranormal activity rocks!

  60. Abysssius

    It’s a list for movies made in 2010, what does The Sixth Sense,The Omen, andThe Silence of the Lambs have to do with 2010?

  61. Shutter island fan

    Shutter Island is NOT a horror

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