Solorz wants to buy shares of Polsat Plus.  You can spend 2.9 billion PLN

Zygmunt Solorz and its subsidiary Reddev have signed an agreement with Polsat Plus Group, according to which the entrepreneur will buy more than 82 million shares of the Polsat Plus group. The price is set at PLN 35 per item.

As we read in the company’s announcement, the Supervisory Board approved such an agreement.

“The intent of the company is to acquire under Bidding for no more than 82,904,517 shares The shares of the company and the price offered for the share in the tender offer were determined by the parties to the agreement for PLN 35.00– We read in the press release, this means that the total value of the transaction should not exceed 2.91 billion PLN.

Who will officially buy the shares? Polsat Plus Group informed: “Due to the restrictions placed on the Company under the Commercial Companies Act, Reddev will also be the entity purchasing the Company’s shares under the Bid Offer.”

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