Złote Wrota 2 is in its final stage.  The scale of this promising modification for Gothic 2 surprised the creators
December 20, 2023, at 20:47

Work on the Golden Gate 2: Heart of the Goddess mod for Gothic 2: Night of the Raven is in its final stages. Polish creators provided details of the project.

Image source: Golden Gate Team.


Polish team Złote Wrota posted a new video in which they talk How is work on the amendment progressing? The Second Golden Gate: Heart of the Gods To play Gothic II: Raven Night. The material – in which you will hear Arkadiusz “Arkadikuss” Woźniak – is titled “Ostatnia Straight” and it means Lots of good news about the project. You can watch it below.

  1. Work on the alpha version of the modification has been completed. This was supposed to happen in early March and April 2023, however The scale of the project “surprised” the creators a little. In the end, they decided to devote more time to “verifying and improving the text.”
  2. Also as part of the alpha release Conversations have been “polished” by adding 3,000 lines of dialogue – For both “old” missions and seven new missions.
  3. Many existing models and textures have also been improved – Buildings, armor, monsters, etc. – Many new objects have been added, including: Battlefield.
  4. The remastered soundtrack has been completed. You can hear one of the songs in the material above (it will be available separately at Christmas).

now The Second Golden Gate: Heart of the Gods They are entering the experimental phaseDuring which the creators intend to “diversify the current content, add additional content to the game, and begin balancing the gameplay and subsequent testing phases.” There will also be dubbing. Recruitment is open – if you want to hear your voice in this edit, please go to this matter.

When can we expect the premiere? The Second Golden Gate: Hearts of the Gods? At this moment, the creators do not want to provide a specific date, because they realize that – despite the amount of work that has already been done – they still need to put in a lot of effort to bring the project to a state that fully satisfies the community. But they stress that this is the last straw, and express their gratitude for the support they are receiving.

If you want to know more about the adaptation in question – learn about the outlines of the plot, etc. – I refer you to our previous message and to the official website of the project. You will find the links below.

  1. Goth fans are rubbing their hands. A new promising project was presented
  2. Official website for Golden Gate II – Heart of the Goddess mod

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