February 2, 2023


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Zelensky appeals to Putin.  "I don't know what the President of Russia wants" - o2

Zelensky appeals to Putin. “I don’t know what the President of Russia wants” – o2

Volodymyr Zelensky unexpectedly turned into the president of Russia. During the Munich Security Conference, he invited Vladimir Putin to meet with him and try to resolve the conflict peacefully.

I do not know what the President of the Russian Federation wants, so I suggest a meeting. The Palestinian Authority quoted Zelensky as saying at the Munich Security Conference, that Ukraine would continue to follow the diplomatic path only towards a peaceful solution.

Zelensky said Russia could choose the venue for the talks. So far, the Kremlin has not responded to the call, and the Russian news agency TASS has not recorded Zelensky’s statement. It was only reported that the President of Ukraine “agreed to search for diplomatic ways to de-escalate the situation throughout Ukraine”.

Zelensky appeals to Putin. “I don’t know what the president of Russia wants”

Zelensky spoke hours after separatist Donbass leaders ordered a full military mobilization on Saturday, as Western leaders increasingly vocalize that a Russian invasion of their neighbor appears imminent.

The President of Ukraine emphasized that if Russia attacked his country, it would be too late for sanctions. Mateusz Morawiecki agreed with Zelensky, but made it clear that not all European countries would support “preventive” sanctions.

In an interview with the European Parliament, Moraviki said that some of our EU partners fear that if we implement such a strategy earlier, some EU countries might get out of this united and united front of sanctions against Russia.