China.  15 skyscrapers disappeared in 45 seconds.  The estate collapsed [WIDEO]

W Chinese Kunming destroyed 15 unfinished skyscrapers with explosives. For eight years, the construction site frustrated passersby with its emptiness and grayness. It took engineers just 45 seconds to destroy a project worth 1 billion Chinese yuan, or roughly $154 million.

According to the Chinese government newspaper Xinhua News, 4.6 tons of explosives were placed in 85,000 explosives. places on the construction site. On the day of the bombing, more than five thousand residents were evacuated from neighboring areas.

Over the years, the project has been taken over by three development companies

Kunming Xishan Land and Housing Development began construction of 15 towers on a 340-acre property in 2011. The project is divided into four designated plots of land A1, A2, A3 and A4. Due to lack of funds, in 2012, another developer took over the project, and construction stopped again a year later.

The construction of high-rise buildings on plot A4 continued and was completed in 2015, but work has not resumed on the remaining buildings. The Chinese government recently made an attempt to sell the project by listing it on the Yunnan Provincial Equity Exchange.

Finally, on December 29, 2020, Yunnan Honghe Real Estate acquired the rights to acquire the project for 979 million yuan. Later it turned out that the buildings had to be demolished. The construction turned out to be outdated and could no longer compete with new solutions, a Negligence on the construction site caused rainwater to flood the foundations of the buildings, causing damage to the structure’s base. The skyscrapers were only suitable for effective demolition.

The explosion area covered about 500 thousand. Square metersWhich, according to the Taiwanese daily Liberty Times, is the largest such area in China.

One of the buildings withstood the explosion

When dust fell from the explosion, One skyscraper was still vertical at a slight angle. Internet users compared it to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The building was not removed with explosives but with the help of specialized equipment.

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