Jerzy Duszyński became an actor against his father's will

  • He graduated from acting studies in June 1939, he was then 22 years old. Even before the outbreak of the war, he made his debut on stage and screen
  • Jerzy Duszyński’s film career began in 1946. He played the lead man in “Forbidden Songs”
  • In July 1940 he married actress Hanka Bellica. The marriage lasted 13 years. Duszyński’s second wife was Helena Urbaniak, a waitress from SPATiF. He had an only son with her, Marcin
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For lovers – “King of Hearts”, for critics – “a lover out of the box”, for friends – “Duszek”. Jerzy Dosinski In the early 1940’s and 1950’s, he was one of the brightest Polish stars Cinema. He became famous for his main male roles in the films “Forbidden Songs” (1946) and “Treasure” (1948), in which he appeared with Danuta Zavlarska. Wherever he went, he was surrounded by a crowd of fans. He could not walk quietly down the street. He only met this adoration later Zbigniew Cibulski. According to Christoph Theodor Toplitz, well-known film critic, Jerzy Dosinski:

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Jerzy Duszyński became an actor against his father’s will

Born on May 15, 1917 in MoscowThe Duszyński family was evacuated in 1915 after the German army cut the front line. His father, Felix, was a writer, and his mother, Maria Casimira, looked after the house. In 1918, the Duszyński family returned to Poland and settled in Mińsk Mazowiecki.

Jersey’s quiet childhood ended when his mother died, and then suicide His older brother committed. Felix Dosinsky gave his youngest son to his aunt for his upbringing. The boy returned to Minsk thanks to his stepmother. Here he finished high school. After graduating from high school, he took the architecture exam, but failed the composition drawing exam. As he stated in an interview with a journalist from “Film”, he was beaten by “inside the shop”, so he eventually became a student of Polish studies and at the same time – to the satisfaction of his father – studied at the Municipal School of Decorative Arts and Painting in Warsaw. It lasted for a year.

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Jerzy Duszyński started thinking about acting while he was still studying in middle school. In 1936, he decided to try his hand and joined the State Institute of Theater Arts. The father, who categorically opposed his studies with acting, refused to support him financially. Jersey had to deal with himself. In order to make a living, he carried out various activities, including hollowed out coal.

He couldn’t play construction workers and truck drivers with the sweetheart patch

He graduated from PIST in June 1939. It wasn’t the best moment to start his career. although, Jerzy Duszyński has received an engagement for Józef Lejtes’ “Hania”. (He was playing the role of Salim Mirza) and even external photos were taken (the first sound in Polish cinema!) But the explosion World War II Production stopped. The movie is not finished. It is worth knowing that Jerzy Duszyński had his first on-screen appearance behind him. He appeared in “Little Sailor” (1936) amidst a crowd of extras.

He spent the war in Vilnius, where he first performed in the Polish theater, and later worked as a waiter in a hotel restaurant. In January 1945, he found himself on one of the first repatriation trains. He settled first in Bialystok, then in ód, and finally in Warsaw.

Photo: NAC/National Digital Archive

Jerzy Duszyński was the first cinema lover in the People’s Republic of Poland

When he found himself in the capital in 1949, he was already a star of Polish cinema, and he owed this status to the main male roles in the films “Forbidden Songs” and “Scarp”.

“Can very handsome on the scale of life, very beautiful, true, pictorial, a very noble face; unusual silhouette, very long; In a word – a lover outside the box. But the crowd loves such unattainable ideals, Ended to the last topic. As an actor, he played moderately, which is a high category of artistic rating ”- so Gallo Couric wrote about Duszyński in “Forbidden Songs” in “Dziennik Polski”.

the actor He was overwhelmed with fan letters. There was them: “Lord of many hearts”, “Cute Mr. Jerzy”, “Dear Mr. Jurek”, “Dear handsome”. The sympathy of the audience did not disappear when the “primary lover of PRL cinema”, as the journalists called Jerzy Duszyński, began to play secondary or even third-level roles. After the nationalization of cinema, it had no place in the films of workers and peasants. As Danuta Szaflarska explained:

Photo: NAC/National Digital Archive

Jerzy Dosinski

Two wives of Jerzy Duszyński

During his studies at PIST, he met Jerzy Duszyński Hanka Bellica. They have become friends. She became his close girlfriend, he told her about the problems with the girl. I listened to him patiently and gave him advice. In July 1940, she became his wife. As confirmed later, wedding took to avoid rumors. Iftar party organized (menu included two carrots, green lettuce and radish) Hanka Ordonona In the empty living room of her husband’s family, Count Mishaw Tishkevich, in Vilnius.

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marriage It lasted 13 years. In an interview with “Angora,” Hanka Bellica claimed that what she had in common with Jerzy Dosinski wasn’t even an infatuation. She said:

She added:

Jerzy Duszyński is known to have done this romantic With actress Irina Malkiewicz. For her, he even wanted to abandon his wife. However, Malkiewicz had no intention of leaving Jerzy Pechelsky.

Photo: NAC/National Digital Archive

Jerzy Duszyński and Hanka Bielicka in the play “Madame Sans Gene” (Serena Theatre, 1958)

In the end, it was Hanka Bilica who asked the father. divorce. At the same time, the media reported about Jerzy Dosinsky’s health problems. In 1953, the actor underwent surgery to remove a duodenal ulcer.

In 1962, she appeared in Jerzy Duszyński .’s Life Helena Urbaniaka waitress from the SPATiF club. She supported him when he suffered a breakdown due to back-to-back career failures. They married in 1964.

“When they ask me if I’m married, I answer: ‘Yes,'” Jerzy Duszinski said in an interview with Akran. “Is the wife an actress?” No, normal.”

In November 1965, the actor became a father for the first (and only) time. His son Marcin appeared in the world. Then Jerzy Dosinski repeated:

“The son renewed his life and mental state. He was madly in love with him and pampered him Against the basic rules of upbringing ”- recalled Helena Urbaniak in the book“ Jerzy Dosinsky ”. Fame and Success.

In 1977, the poor financial situation of the family pushed the actor’s wife to work abroad. In June 1978, Jerzy Duszyński collapsed on the radio. He was immediately taken to the hospital and underwent a detailed examination. You have been diagnosed Lung Cancer. Treatment started. His son, sister Irina and … Hanka Bilica were watching the actor’s bed in the hospital. Jerzy Dosinsky died on July 23, 1978, he was 61 years old.

Kind, tender and lovable, relieve all conflicts and tensions. Superbly polite, gentle, sensitive, with a great sense of humor – he brought a good mood and a good atmosphere. He liked to tell jokes, he poured them like out of sleeve. He was joking but did not offend anyone. He did everything elegantly” – that’s how he remembers Sadoy is born.

It’s also worth knowing about Duszek, as his colleagues affectionately called Jerzy Duszyński, He was the author of many theatrical tales, which he often told in “Podwieczorek at the Microphone”. Here is one:

“Mrs. Jola of Kielce asks me what kinds of actors are? Because she knows there are lovers, idiosyncrasies, comedians, and what next? Ma’am, there are also other kinds of actors.” first class actors – these are the ones you hear only in first class; is the type A sports actor who puts every role on his shouldersthe most dangerous and fashionable in recent times is A thinking actor is someone who thinks he is an actor“.

Photo: Polfilm 1 / East News

Jerzy Duszyński in “Death of the President” (1977)

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