May 30, 2023


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Zbyszek Cybulski 2022 Prize: Eryk Kulm Jr.  is the winner

Zbyszek Cybulski 2022 Prize: Eryk Kulm Jr. is the winner

The award winner Zbyszek Cybulski was announced during a ceremony at the Luna Cinema in Warsaw.

become one Eric Colm JrWho in TVP movie “Philip” Michael Koczynski “He created an inconspicuous image of a strong man, caught in a trap, not giving up on himself.” “After a stormy discussion, we decided to award this year’s Zbyszek Cybulski Prize for the radicalism and courage in interpreting the role, for the breadth and maturity of the acting means used, for creating an inconspicuous figure of a downtrodden man endowed with extraordinary inner strength, for creating a role that is the heart of the film,” the jury stressed.

The movie “Philip” is set in Frankfurt in 1943. The title character played by Kulm is a typical cosmopolitan and seducer who is incapable of deeper feelings. In Poland he lost his entire family. Being in the heart of Nazi Germany, he hides his Jewish origin and often escapes death. He works as a waiter in a hotel restaurant and nonchalantly enjoys the charm of life surrounded by luxury, beautiful women and friends from all over Europe. However, when the war begins to reap a bloody harvest among those close to him, the complex world that surrounds him collapses like a house of cards…

Among the nominees – with the exception of Colm – are: Mikoaj Kobacki (He was nominated for the role of wealthy high school graduate Kamel Welk in “Apocafix” Xawry Zulawski), Michaelina Jabach (Nominated for the role of Kaśka in “wedding” Wojciech Smarzowski), Magdalena Wichorek (Nominated for the role of rapper Sandra in “Zaders” Grzegorz Molda) And the Jan Hrenkiewicz (He was nominated for the role of Bartik, who runs the farm in “the elephant” Camille Krusicky).

The winner was chosen by the jury consisting of: Bartosz Bielenja, Agnieszka Kurzydlow, Ola Salwa, Agnieszka Smozieńska and Justyna Sobczek.

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