A young Quebec cellist at the coronation of King Charles III

A young cellist from Quebec will perform at the coronation of King Charles III on Sunday.

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After the Conservatory of Music in Montreal, 24-year-old Marion Bordelans has been studying at the Royal College of Music in London since September. Marian was selected as part of a quartet to represent her school.

“With His Majesty King Charles III as our Head of School, it is truly an honor to represent our school with the quartet. He has always been a great patron of the arts, especially music. One way we celebrate his coronation. He’s a musician, a cellist, I enjoy playing his instrument, so it’s very special,” Marion says in an interview with TVA Novelles.

The instrument in question is an 1804 violin, William Forster.

“It’s been very festive here for a while. You can feel it on the streets. It’s really something that’s important here,” he continues.

Marion is the daughter of actor Roger Leger and artist agent Mona Bordelans.

“Both laughed because it was so far from us. But they were definitely proud and surprised,” he adds.

It’s a song from Somewhere West Side Story covered by the quartet.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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