March 26, 2023


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Johanna San Miguel “This is war BOCONVIP

Guerrero challenged Puerto Rico to the first minutes of “Esto S. Gera” after conductors and some foreign members pointed out that he had “heard” the Peruvian reality show.

“If you’re there, we’re the reason for it. You did not invent the design, it was made here in Peru. They made us a chevichito as they say. ”, Said Johanna.

The host of the “It’s War” show “Guerrero Puerto Rico” was excited after the speech and Gian Piero Diaz had to take his partner to pick her up from the cage.

“Come because we don’t have a problem. Correros don’t want people from Mexico to come because they make millions of excuses. So, Puerto Rico is waiting for your Sevichaso here … here we are going to give you an ear that will be relaxed until Christmas”, San Miguel was very excited before being picked up by his driving companion.

As it was recalled, the drivers of “Guerrero Puerto Rico” made fun of it after appearing with the “Guerrero Mexico” team in the war.

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