your grandfather  InPost courier found that women returned their wallet.  He will get rewards.  1 out of every "like"

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to the courier in publishing The owner of the wallet was found thanks to surveillance. On the same day, he gave it to a woman – Mrs. Joanna Wojdeo from Gdansk – who had expressed her gratitude to Mr. Verdun via Facebook.

Mr. Vardan comes from Armenia. Has been working as a courier in Poland for 11 years

couriers It’s not easy before Christmas… however I seek in publishingparcel lockerI had a hard time finding “the lady who took the parcel from the multi-box, and ran fast with the mysterious pyramid”. Lose your wallet along the way, of course. A drunkard outside the store was about to pick it up, but Mr. Vardane was faster. Picked it up, called the office and after an hour of surveillance, they found me, they ask me if I lost something … Vardan is an original name, because you come from Armenia, I have been a courier in Poland for 11 years and it turns out that the governor in this country saved a lot actually times. You know, I have a problem – I have the number of this mail and I wanted to inform the headquarters that they have such a hero, but the contact process with InPost is so automated that I don’t know how to (quickly) get around it. So I thought I would write on social networks, maybe you will interact, they will interact and give you a medal, let it be gold; ) This is for you Vardan! – We read in the post, which was shared on December 17.

More information from the world and country can be found at home page.

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InPost Courier Award: Every LinkedIn “Like” is a Zloty on their account

Management comp In the Post courier service, he did not pass the events lightly and decided to generously reward his employee. In an update to the post available on Facebook, the Gdansk native reported on the idea of ​​InPost President, Rafai Brzewski. It was suggested that as part of the award, Mr. Vardane would receive a reward of PLN 1 per “like” under Ms. Joanna’s entry on LinkedIn.

“Great idea – although the decision on the bonus has already been given – I agree to the bet 🙂 Number of temptations x 1 PLN for our great turn InPost – mobile please! We closed the bet today at 24.00 for a bonus before Christmas will hit To Vardana” – Ravi Books brzuska.

“EDIT: Last-Minute News! InPost CEO Ravi Brzoska has suggested that Mr. Vardan receive a PLN 1 reward for every “like” on this LinkedIn post. Feel free to like. There are already nearly 8,000 reactions” – reads an update Joanna.

You can see the post published on LinkedIn here. Unfortunately, the work is over. It lasted until the end of Monday (December 20).

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