A revolution in the debt collection market.  We know the details of the repair

The Ministry of Justice is in the process of completing work on a new draft law on debt-collection activities and the debt-collection profession. – We will soon refer him to consulting, because the activity of debt collection companies is currently the Wild West, and there are no regulations, as indicated, for example, in the NIK report on the GetBack scandal – says Marcin Warchoł, Deputy Minister of Justice .

debt collection companies It must be entered in the Central Register, be in the form of a joint-stock company and have a capital of 5 million PLN. Initially, the capital amounted to 20 million PLN, which is approximately equal to what is required of banks. The driving permit will be issued by the Minister responsible for the economy – currently Valdemar Boda, Minister of Development. The company will have to keep complete records Actions taken against the creditor, such as recording messages sent, text messages, emails, and records of telephone conversations.

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