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The Epic Games Store – like many other companies in the industry lately – is undergoing major changes. I wrote that recently Nearly 900 people were kicked out of the studioAnd right after that we found out The creator of Steam Spy is also leaving. Even the issue of pricing for using Unreal Engine It was organized, but fortunately it had no connection to the gaming industry per se. What about the free games that most of us undoubtedly associate with the Epic Games Store? They are safe for now.

During the recent Unreal Fest 2023 event, Kyle Billings, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, took the stage. One of the topics he touched upon was the free game distribution program, which is ongoing Continuously for several years. Although this system is certainly expensive, it achieves tangible results. Since its inception, it was expected to bring over 90 million new users to the Epica platform. I think we realize that such a system is unlikely to last forever, but Billings has assured us that we are safe for the foreseeable future. The free games will be awarded “until the end of 2023 and beyond.”

It’s hard to predict exactly what “next” will be, but as long as Epic Games has demand for new users and this system attracts them, we can be almost certain that it won’t get shut down. After all, giving away games for free (or in exchange for sending an email to create an account) is a pretty good way to gain publicity – especially since there are some really expensive gems among the turkeys.

Unless the company’s poor financial situation hinders this system. Finally, the recent layoffs included: Because Epic was losing a lot more money than it was making, continuing to do so may not change the situation.

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