Jose Gaudet will be back and this week ends well, and here's why

The epidemic is not over, and the group The week ends well is evidence. After learning that Julie Belanger He had to take time off for the first time in 10 years due to a positive testHere we learn that his co-host Jean-Michel Antill has also been infected with Covid.

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Last Wednesday, Julie Belanger announced on her social networks that, for the first time in 10 years, she would have to miss this record. The week ends well, because she was suffering from covid. A week later, the weekly show’s team announced on its Facebook page that Jean-Michel Uncle had also contracted the virus.

At the same time, the team also revealed who will replace him: it’s none other than him Jose Gaudet. A nice surprise for the public, but maybe even for Jose, we imagine.

Recall that last April, the comedian and host announced That he won’t be back after nine seasons at the helm this Friday evening.


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As for Julie Belanger’s replacement, it was revealed last week that it will be her good friend and former radio co-host. Marie-Eve January, who is going to continue his seat temporarily.

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“News! News! News!

Julie And Jean Michel They are infected with covid. They are fine! But unfortunately they will not be able to host the show during our next shoot.

So don’t be surprised by our friends’ emoticons Jose Gaudet And Marie-Eve January Here in our stories tomorrow. They will form the alternate host duo for the show which will be aired on October 14.

Please join us in wishing Juju and Jean-Mi a speedy recovery and return to us in great shape”

Hosted by José Gaudet and Marie-Eve Janvier, the show will air on Friday 14 October.

At the same time, we wish Julie and Jean-Michel a speedy recovery!

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