Your help is requested to save Rose-Anna’s farm in “A Time of Peace”.

Rose-Anna’s farm in Charlevoix where exterior scenes of the soap opera were filmed Time for peace The object of the crowdfunding campaign was to save the buildings before it was too late.

The site, which has been closed to the public for years, could soon be revitalized by Heritage Charlevoix, which wants to make it a place for the dissemination of traditional knowledge.

The place became popular in the 1980s when the soap opera aired Time for peaceIt can be said that he continued to fall into oblivion.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to save the buildings of Rose-Anna Farm in Charlevoix. We can see one of the facades of the house that was the setting for the filming of the TV series “Le temps d’une peace”.

Photo by Charlevoix Heritage

Although the farm was saved from disappearance by its acquisition by Heritage Charlevoix in 2001, the reality is that significant work must be carried out quickly to preserve the integrity of the buildings. The goal is to raise $80,000 during the campaign, which was launched in recent days on GoFundMe. All the work to be done is estimated at $180,000.

Bringing places back to life

Ultimately, the work will allow viewers to step inside Rose-Anna’s home, which was built specifically for the filming. However, many of the farm buildings were actually used from the late 1800s, as François Tremblay, general director of Heritage Charlevoix, underlines.

The work of consolidating the Roja-Anna house should be carried out quickly.

Photo by Charlevoix Heritage

“Our other properties are very demanding in terms of budgets, which means we don’t have the money to invest in going further into the Ross-Anna farm,” he explained.

“But time caught up with us. Unfortunately, there have been years of vandalism and deterioration,” Mr. Tremblay added.

This meant that roofs and floors had to be redone and walls straightened, among other things. The stable and the sheepfold represent a traditional interest, as they were erected from the beginning of the construction of the farm, located in Notre-Dame-des-Monts, where the Wrong Saint-Jean-Baptiste becomes the Wrong Saint-Anthony.

“We have no choice. We must intervene to ensure the survival of this traditional group,” said Mr. Tremblay announced.

All funds raised will go towards restoring and improving the site.

Overview of the 1983 filming of outdoor scenes at Rose-Anna’s farm.

Photo: National Library and Archives of Quebec, Pointe du Jour Aviation Fund, Jean-Marie Gosset.

The farm will be exceptionally open to the public on July 27, August 10 and August 31. All details are available on the Heritage Charlevoix website. Artisans will be on site to share their traditional knowledge, such as squaring wood with an ax or spinning wool with a spinning wheel.

«Time for peace, was particularly interesting because it was a complete portrait of Charlevoix’s life between the two wars. “It was generally a very accurate portrait, but we can document it more broadly and go much further in understanding a traditional society,” Mr. Tremblay continued.

Among the sites managed by Heritage Charlevoix, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of the region, we find the Moulin de la Rémy in Pie-Saint-Paul, built in 1825. The mill is open to the public.

Role of Rose-Anna

Courtesy Radio-Canada

Time for peace

  • Rating: Three million viewers (last episode on 1There is December 1986)
  • Six seasons from 1980 to 1986
  • A telenovela was presented on Radio-Canada
  • Total 135 episodes
  • Created by: Pierre Gauvreau
  • Characters: Rose-Anna, Joseph Arthur, Memere Bouchard, De-Koon, etc.

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