This is certain: ZUS will pay the 14th pension in September, but many pensioners will not receive it

The Administration of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Benefits announced that the elderly will receive their fourteenth pension in 2024, immediately after the holiday, in September. The required regulations for this will be published in the Law Journal this quarter.

Fourteenth pension 2024: It will be in September, but not for all retirees

Only from this list will we learn the amount of the fourteenth pension in 2024. It is currently known that nIt cannot be less than PLN 1,780.96. To Guaranteed by the law regarding entitlement to the second additional pension per year. However, this law gives the government the opportunity to establish the fourteenth hour pensions At a higher altitude.
The government took advantage of this opportunity last year by increasing the amount of the 14th pension required by law, which is equivalent to the lowest pension currently applied, to a total of PLN 2,650.

It is also known that it was four in the morning pensions In contrast to the 13th century, it will not receive nearly 1.5 million pensioners; These are those whose pensions exceed 5.5 thousand PLN. Zloty. Last year, according to ZUS data, these pensions amounted to about PLN 1.3 million, but after the indexation of pensions in March in 2024, the number of elderly people receiving higher benefits increased by 12.12%.

Year 14 in September 2024: How much will it cost and who will get it?

Unlike the thirteenth pension, which, according to the law, is equal to the lowest pension determined by the ZUS in March of a given year, the government may increase it during the indexation process.
So far, PLN 14 has been paid three times, and once, last year, the amount was higher because the government took advantage of the opportunity provided by the law. No one hides that he was an element of the election campaign before the House of Representatives elections. Will the government take advantage of such an opportunity this year?
This cannot be ruled out. The reason for this is the lack of a second indexation of pensions, which was promised by the current government coalition in the election campaign. However, there will be no additional indexing, because its status must be at least 5%. Economic inflation In the first half of 2024, this is not expected.

Last year it was As much as PLN 840 more affordable From what is stipulated in the law, will the government decide to increase the fourteenth pension amount in 2024 and on such a large scale?

The 14th pension in 2024, which is higher than the statutory pension of PLN 1,780.96, could be a form of compensation. Due to the lack of the promised second indexation of pensions.
However, we will know whether this is the case until the draft regulations mentioned above are published.

Pension XIV 2024: PLN 1,780.96 confirmed in September

The Law of May 26, 2023 on other additional annual cash benefit to retirees and disability pensioners stipulates that the full amount of the 14th benefit, as in the previous year, will be given to elderly people who have a gross pension of PLN 2,900 and those who have a gross pension of PLN 2,900 PLN The pension from 2900 PLN to 4630 PLN.96 will receive the 14th zloty reduced according to the principle of zloty for zloty, but not less than 50 zloty.

I remember that Originally, the 14th pension was supposed to be a one-time benefit. It is paid only in 2021. However, in the end, retirees received the second additional benefit for this year also in 2022, and in 2023 a law was passed stating that the fourteenth benefit is a permanent benefit of the incidental additional payment, which ZUS, as The thirteenth benefit is obligated to be paid every year.

When determining the amount of retirement benefits received, the total amounts of these benefits are taken into account, in aggregate, before any deductions, deductions or reductions, as well as before the suspension of the supplementary part in connection with non-cessation of agricultural activity.
The income tax payment and the general health insurance contribution are deducted from the fourteenth pension In accordance with the rules in force as of January 1, 2023.
No deductions or deductions are made from the “fourteenth pension”.

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