"You are awesome."  William was surprised by Kate's words

Kate Middleton for over a decade She is considered one of the most influential women in the world and a favorite of the people of Great Britain. Wife, mother and heirs to the throne for many years of working in the royal court and has proven to be one of the most open members of the monarchy. When she married Prince William, she had to get used to the conservative lifestyle in Windsor. Royal titles, a protocol in effect for generations and to be absolutely obeyed, immense wealth and, above all, world fame and influence are sure to turn the head of many young women.

The royal couple came with their three children: George, Charlotte and Louis Live in central London. Kensington Palace, their official residence and family home, is adjacent to the famous Paddington and Hyde Park tube station, where thousands of Britons rest every day. Grandson of Elizabeth II and his wife since 2013. They occupy a 20-room, four-storey apartment, No. 1A. Its previous owner was the King’s sister, Princess Margaret. After this step, a major renovation began, and Kate decorated the rooms to her taste.

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“Normal” in a Cambridge house

The building itself is crowded with tourists and fans of the “royal family” from all over the world. All because some parts of it are meant to be visited. talking about Gallery of creative designs by Diana Spencerlike so The famous “revenge dress”And the gardenIt was recently revealed Monument in honor of the “Queen of Human Hearts”, And El-Amir CoffeWhere you can drink tea or taste the favorite cake of your grandmother Elizabeth II, that is, Queen Victoria.

It is remarkable that although the area is guarded day and night by royal security, The windows of the Cambridge apartments can be seen from Kensington GardensWhere the aborigines walk. In a similar way In fact, photojournalists often see George, Charlotte and Louis. in a In an interview with People magazine, a close friend of William’s wife revealed that the Cambridge house was “a normal, crowded place where kids run around and knock things over”.


Kate Middleton and Prince William with Charlotte and George

William’s surprising words about Kate: You are terrible

It’s hard to imagine Windsor not paying attention to the smallest details of his image, rubbing against perfection and following strict protocol. But we mentioned that recently Behind closed doors, the Duchess is completely different from the ones we know from the recordings Or the front pages of newspapers. Despite its continued popularity for years She remains the same girl next door that her college friends remember, and her daily life has nothing to do with magic and royal life. This is evidenced by one of the last situations that first confused and then stunned fans of the British “royal family”. William decided to confess what he hated most about his wife.

During one of the last official tours, they met young people who greeted them with cakes, biscuits and homemade pizza. While Kate Middleton was cutting the goodness on the table, they were laughing The Duke of Cambridge decided to joke about his beloved. He said as he looked around the room in the presence of all those present:

It turns out that the phrase used by the heir to the throne in a humorous tone does not apply only to Kate Middleton. A while ago, he also talked about his mother in a similar wayDiane Spencer.

Photo: Newspix / BE&W Agency

Kate Middleton and Prince William

William on Princess Diana: She’d be a terrible grandmother

Eldest son of Mrs. Dee and Prince Charles For years, he has confirmed how he regrets that his wife and children will never recognize the “Queen of Human Hearts.” He also does not hide that it is very important for him to raise the memory of his deceased mother. Now that he himself is the head of the family, it has a completely different dimension. William wants his children to know how wonderful their grandmother was. Therefore, there is no shortage of photos of Diana and many more stories and memories in the Cambridge house. By looking at the cards (which you can read about Here), which George, Charlotte and Louis, as they wrote, promptly prepared “Diana’s lovable grandmother” You can see that her home is remembered.

What kind of grandmother would Diana Spencer be according to the Duke of Cambridge? If you thought he mentioned the qualities of the perfect babysitter in pure superlatives, you are very wrong. Then, with a pinch of salt, he pointed it out the same way as Kate. The heir to the throne made a sincere confession, admitting that he believed Mrs. Di would be a nightmarish grandmother.

Photo: Julian Parker/Contributor/Getty Images

William with his mother and Prince Harry

Although the prince’s words at first made the British very frightened, after a moment Everyone understood William’s “household” message.. Forgetting is hard After all, because his mother desired a normal life, something Windsor did not accept.

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