"Like with Kafka."  YouTube has suspended PCh24 for Gates' movie

According to PCh24.pl, “The site has only informed us that one of our materials violates the terms of the site.” It concerns “Medical Issues” in the unpublished working material of the series the editorial office is working on. The production is titled “Ruler of the World”. In the first episode, the activities of Bill Gates were taken into account.

PCh24.pl TV Banned Because Of A Movie About Gates

The editorial office reported that YouTube banned the ability to upload videos, post posts and live broadcasts for one week. “The YouTube censorship mechanism tracked our channel and removed the draft of the first episode of the series” – add journalists.

As they reported, their YouTube channel received a “Warning 1” with the content “Our team checked your content and found it in violation of these rules: Medical Misinformation Rules” – YouTube officials reported, as always in such situations anonymously.

Kratyuk: Reality like Kafka

PCh24.pl editor-in-chief, Christian Kratyuk, states that the portal is not the first to try to take out the media system using censorship methods.

– It turns out that this channel A few weeks ago wRealu24.plToday it is our turn. What’s even more shocking is that the content that YouTube doesn’t allow us to view hasn’t been shown to anyone yet. It was a working copy of the Bill Gates movie titled The first episode of the series “Masters of the World”. Of course, in the film, which is several tens of minutes long, a few moments are also devoted to vaccines, but not even about their harm or medical aspects, but about the impact of Gates on their promotion. It’s sheer absurdity, it’s a Franz Kafka-like fact – he adds.

Director: Unjustified Censorship

Piotr Relich, the director of the deleted film, points out that it is no longer even allowed to disclose publicly available information that may be inappropriate for large companies.

– Is it not possible today to point out such an obvious fact that there are specific investors of pharmaceutical companies who are interested in the greatest profits for the vaccine industry? Even though these investors openly flaunt their commitment at every possible opportunity? – He explains.

As he adds, the network is full of amateur recordings that contain theories about Bill Gates that are really disconnected from reality. However, YouTube moderators leave their authors alone for a reason. In this context, I see the act of unwarranted censorship applied to us as a symbol of appreciation, indicating that in our film we have come close to the truth, which is very uncomfortable for some circles – in their assessment.

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