February 3, 2023


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Factorio delivers exceptional results. Czech studio success

Factorio is an independent economic strategy developed by the Czech independent studio Wube Software. The production was a quick success and its future seems to be painted in positive colors.

factoro It is an unusual economic strategy. The player’s task is to create the most efficient system based on conveyor belts. To do this, make sure that the factory does not run out of electricity or raw materials, which we do by adding more buildings. In addition, players must ensure the safety of the company being created on a not very friendly planet. It is up to us how we achieve our goals. The developers have left a lot of freedom to the players, which has made the gameplay more engaging.

The premiere of the full version of this Czech strategy took place in August 2020, although looking at its graphics, you can say that it is more than 20 years old. However, players didn’t appreciate it because of the looks (although the use of sprites certainly appeals to older fans). factoro), and the amount of participation in it. This is evidenced by the game’s very good sales results.

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Wuble Software boastedLast Christmas, the threshold of 3.5 million copies sold was passed factoro. At the end of February 2022, the developers reported that the game had sold 3 million copies, meaning that 500,000 copies had been added in ten months. play. The Czech confirms that since the launch of the first version of the game, that is, from 2016 until now, factoro It is not made available as part of any promotion, so players are willing to pay full price for this addictive strategy. In Poland, the game can be purchased at steam For 120 PLN.

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in 2022 factoro Also moved to a new platform – converts. According to Wuble Software, the game has sold 40,000 copies on this platform. Copies, of which about 40 percent. Orders come from Japan.

In the near future, developers will focus on setting up support for consoles on PC and steam surface Full keyboard and mouse support for the Nintendo Switch version. However, there are no specific dates for the implementation of these innovations.

Factorio – mods are a hit

From the report by Wuble Software, we learned that the factoro She is very involved. In 2022, there were 1,221 mod makers who created 1,686 new mods and 7,227 updates to existing mods. Nearly 639,000 players have downloaded nearly 42 million mods.

factoro is undoubtedly a huge success for Wuble Software. As the creators of the strategy themselves note, for years they manage to maintain the sales trend at about the level of 500,000. copies annually and hopefully these numbers will not be reduced in the future. Consider how active the community is around the community factoroAll that remains for us is to wish everyone that the production lives as long as possible.

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