Yeboah passed the match.  After something like that, it wasn't appropriate not to win

Is Round Five of the Thirty-Four Game Series a good time to announce the season’s success? Perhaps not the best, because there is still a lot of play ahead, but Yaw Yeboah gave such a gem today that you will definitely have to take it into account when making the final decisions. It is worth starting to discuss the not very exciting clash between Górnik Łęczna and Wisła Kraków.

We don’t see such photos often in our league. Yes, daring attempts to dribble happen, but usually sooner or later the ball gets stuck somewhere under the leg or gets hit by the opponent. And even if the assembly is successful, there is usually no idea or quality in the end, leaving the procedure inevitably doomed to be forgotten. Meanwhile, he played everything for Wisla Krakow winger.

Master the ball in the 16th line, find free space, put the opponent in the rear, deceive the other, and finally a shot. Cute – good. worth watching.

The other thing, of course, is that Bartosz Remanjak has allowed the player from Ghana a lot. Sure, we’ve cured ourselves of making him our last bastard, because he’s had some really successful seasons at Ekstraklasa level, but today – sorry, Mr. He was putting his fingers on all the strikes of the White Star, and there were three.

Before Yeboah took the title of King of Elusive, it belonged to Michal Skvarki. In the 20th minute, attacking midfielder Wiswa Krakow received a pass from Hanusk and Rymanjak, cruelly deceiving the ball only by taking the ball – as if playing with the junior. In addition, he later put Szcześniak and sent the ball next to Gostomski. This goal was a reflection of the merits of the visitors, it certainly did not come out of nowhere. Well, the first great opportunity was for him to hatch (in the first minute he fucked Kiska), but then Adrian Gula’s players definitely took control of the field. Forbes was especially energetic, wanting to take advantage of the absence of a sick Clement – he once broke the position, in other cases he lacked accuracy.

Jeboah was shown immediately after the break, and in the 62nd minute Wisła made a three-goal lead. This time Skvarka was passing the street, and Forbes finally missed Gostomsky’s shot. What did Remanjak do wrong this time? Well, he wasn’t too interested in the stealth streak.

Kamil Kieres’ side were completely helpless, but they pressed with one goal, despite great help from Wisła. Banaszak kicked off the kick, kicked Kiszek’s goal with the thought “maybe something will come” and was very surprising – Friedrich directed the ball into his net.

Let’s agree – White Star fans had a right to dread this trip. Since their team only exhausted the point in Nieciecza, losing to Rakowo, having the lead and the one-player advantage almost in the entire half, if worse than Stal Mielec, then alas – one should always not assume any victory. Well, in czna, the Gula team did that easy…very easily. Yes, here you have to take the correction that the opponent was hopeless, instead of blowing the balloon.

And the miners… well. Within a week, the match was against Stal Mielec, that is, the first league match at the level of Ekstraklasa.

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