Corona virus in Poland.  In the fall we will face a wave of infections among children?

Recently, the number of more than 200 new infections per day is increasing frequently. This is much more than in July, when the number of daily cases usually did not exceed 100. Experts expect further increasesThe children will soon return to school. Illness among children, in particular, may be the biggest problem this fall. First, we know very little about children about COVID-19 in the early stages of the pandemic. It was even said that the virus does not attack children, that the virus bypasses them, and that they are immune. Due to the fact that they have a lot of colds in the first years of their life, they manage this virus well – Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski stated at TOK FM.

– This was true until the delta variant appeared. Unfortunately, this type began to spread intensively among children. We see it in those countries that test children [na koronawirusa – red.]That there are many such diseases. The expert noted that some of them are difficult. He stated that 1 in 1,000 children is hospitalized due to the acute course of COVID-19. He also warned that the higher the number of infections among children, the higher the likelihood of PIMS (COVID-19-associated Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome), which can be life-threatening. – There are very few deaths among children, but they also happen – Dr. Grzesiowski warned.

Another problem, the expert noted, is that vaccines today are only available to children from 12 years of age. He stressed that even if we decide to vaccinate all children, we will vaccinate only part of them. There are some hypotheses that COVID-19 will eventually become a disease of children. And he continued: Like other cytomegaloviruses, RSV, mononucleosis. He explained that adults they treat have had COVID-19 once – they will be protected for a long time. So who stays available for the virus? Most of them are unvaccinated children and adults – noted Dr. Grzesiowski.

According to the expert, if vaccinations are also allowed to be used in younger children, they should introduce a calendar of compulsory vaccinations. – We are used to vaccinating children according to a certain schedule. If it is left to the free choice of the parents, we know more or less what it would look like – he said.

– When we have preparations for children over the age of five, and then in the future the vaccine will probably be available for children over six months old, I will definitely include these vaccines in the calendar vaccinations – he said.

Finally, Dr. Grzesiowski warned that a person who was infected with one of the first variants of the coronavirus may not be adequately immune to the delta variant and others. This is a problem that will likely require the use of new vaccines in the coming years. He noted that we are already working on new vaccines. It may happen, as we did in the case of influenza vaccines, that the composition of the vaccines is periodically modified, that is, adapted to the prevailing variable. Hopefully COVID-19 won’t change as quickly flu He concluded that there would be no need to change vaccines every year.

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