Champions League.  Benfica Lisbon, Young Boys Berne and Malmo with promotion to the group stage

Teams from Portugal, Switzerland and Sweden won the first matches. Malmö won 2-0 and is the closest to promotion. Benfica also scored two goals, but conceded one. It was the most happening in the Swiss-Hungarian rivalry. There Young Boys won 3-2.

In the second leg, Benfica maintained a goalless draw, although PSV Eindhoven continued their attack. But the Portuguese were lucky and won the promotion.

Luck was also on the Malmoe team. The Swedish national team plays despite its defeat in the return match in the group stage of the European Champions League.

Young Boys repeated the result of the first match and will also be in the group competition.

The Dutch tried from the beginning to compensate for the losses. They had a lot of positions, but they couldn’t beat the Odysseas Vlachodimos.

Obviously, Benfica was not coping. To make matters worse, in the 32nd minute, Lucas Verissimo received a second yellow card and at the end of the first and the entire second half, the Portuguese had to weaken.

In the second half, PSV Eindhoven continued to dominate, but did not succeed throughout the match. As a result, the match ended in a goalless draw which awarded Benfica a promotion.

In the rematch, Young Boys Burn opened the score first. In the fifth minute, Cedric Zeisiger hit the net.

However, Henry Wingo equalized in the 18th minute.

The match was very fun. All rivalry was equal. As a result, in the 27th minute, Ryan Mayi gave the Hungarians the lead, and at the same time led to a tie on aggregate.

In the second half, the picture of the match did not change. It was still very exciting and Christian Wassnacht scored 2-2.

Issa Lidouni also got a second yellow card in the 64th minute. He only saw the first five minutes before that. As a result, Ferencvaros’ situation became very complicated.

In the 70th minute, Jordan Sepacho missed a penalty kick and it seemed that the match would end in a draw. But in extra time, Felix Mambibe sealed the Swiss lead.

In the tenth minute, Odogorik made up for half the losses from the first match. Anton Nedjako scored the goal.

Six minutes later, Soren Rex hit the net. This target, after checking with VAR, was not granted. However, Malmo did not give up and equalized in the 42nd minute, after a goal by Veliko Permanshevic.

In the second half, Odogorets attacked and took the lead. In the 59th minute, Pieros Sotirio used a penalty kick.

It was all the Bulgarian band could do. Odugurek won, but in the end Malmö was promoted anyway.


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