Yaroslav Yakimovich trying to dig a grave.  'It was a lesson for life'

  • Jaroslav Yakimovich described many of his controversial behaviors in his autobiography ‘فيلمycie jak’. Later he confirmed that they were made to increase sales
  • One story was an alleged attempt to dig a new grave. The Racial and Xenophobic Behavior Monitoring Center notified the Prosecutor’s Office on this matter
  • Yakimovich explained that it was about the naivety of the youth. – It was a life lesson for us – Reply to “Press”.
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We recently wrote about Investigation Reports regarding Jakimowicz’s suspected involvement in child trafficking. At the beginning of this year, Yakimovich In turn, he denied the accusations of rapeand subsequent reports of alleged harassment Extras from the movie “Zenek”in which it led.

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Life is like a book

Who is Yaroslav Yakimovich? According to Wikipedia, he is a “Model, Actor, and TV Presenter”. Born in 1969 and raised in the Warsaw district of Wola. Graduated from a mechanical technical school. He was mainly cared for by his grandparents. According to “Press”, he left for Germany when he was nineteen years old. Yaroslav Yakimovich wrote about his life abroad in his autobiography, Life Like a Movie, released in 2019.

Describe there, among other things to you Collaborate with a gang of thieves and steal TVs, alcohol and leather. Supposedly he was first sentenced to community service for an attack on a post office in Germany, and eventually was sent to prison for four months. “We started the robbery maneuvers with the Bundepost, and this is the German Post. Simply put, we stole it. We got our patent for it” – stated in the book. But he made it clear in an interview with the press that this is a gross exaggeration. It was really about the pup’s antics, and it didn’t really hurt anyone.

The book also includes a paragraph after which the Racist and Xenophobic Behavior Monitoring Center notified the Attorney General’s Office. He is – as the center wrote – the father. An alleged attempt to dig a grave in a Jewish cemetery, “to get to the deceased and to rob the grave of whatever valuables they were expecting to find there.” It was all supposed to happen in the 80s.

How does Jakimowicz comment on this? – We were waiting for a new burial. It happened. We thought – some casket buried in the sand. We started taking out bouquets of fresh flowers. We hadn’t dropped the shovels yet when the cemetery director appeared out of nowhere. It was a lifelong lesson for us – He described “the press”, throwing everything on his youthful naivety. Also commented was the description of the ‘offer to buy 12-year-old Tajka’.

– For the purposes of his autobiography, he made history more lively. Dariush Janas, a former policeman and longtime acquaintance of Yakimovich, said the coloring of his life – it is typical for him -.

All the thrillers described in my book, Life Like a Film, are artistic fictionwhich was intended to increase sales. It is hard for me to believe in the naivety of those who constantly click on Crazy, commenting on the information provided to them by the Racist and Xenophobic Behavior Control Center and other portals. My book is an adventure book, and I’ve always said it”– Jakimowicz explained on Instagram.

Yakimovic’s ex-boyfriend: I thought I knew him

In 1995 Yakimovich got the role of Seichi in the film “Young Wolves” directed by Yaroslav Umogda. The success was not repeated later. – I’ve always pushed away. I’ve always been a stranger – he said in June 2019 on Wnet Radio, which was carried by “Press”. He is currently working as a presenter and commentator on TVP.

Facebook many times Prevent access to accounts. The Monitoring Center for Racial Behavior and Xenophobia also has a lot to accuse it of. – Yakimovich willingly congratulates everyone who does not fit into the vision of “One party, one nation, one leader” – said Konrad Dolkovsky, head of OMZRiK, in an interview with “Press”. Meanwhile, Jakimowicz makes it clear that he does not intend to offend anyone.

The writer of the article in the magazine “Press” wrote: “Image experts believe that two things will be decisive for the future of Jakimovich. Court verdict for rape changes in the political arena. “And his friends (or former acquaintances) think that he is no longer the same Jakimovich as he used to be.” I thought I knew him. But I don’t recognize him,” my old friend Dariush Janas, quoted by Press, sums up to me.

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Source: “Press”, Plejada, Onet


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