The role of Superman is of great importance to Henry Cavill.  The actor mentions a great responsibility

After all, Henry Cavill is currently going through a really intense and successful period in the course of his career. This is due to the very popular “The Witcher” on a global scale, but also due to the role of Superman in the DC Cinema Universe. Both heroes have a special place in pop culture, so the man himself also wins a lot.

It is worth noting that he himself recently confirmed that he will soon play one of the most powerful heroes from the pages of a comic book. As Henry himself admitted, the possibility of playing such a character on the screen is a private matter for him. The actor mentioned that he really learned a lot from this role, and he is well aware of it The responsibility he bears in relation to the situation as a whole:

I think I learned more than that [grania – przyp. red.] Superman. I have played the role of heroes for many years, from the young ones. When you play a character like Superman, it’s a huge responsibility – both in front of the audience and in front of the cameras. It’s something that really taught me a lot about myself, the world, and the impact such important people have on the community around us.

I have to admit that this is a very rational approach to the topic – though At a certain age, people stop recognizing a lot of superheroes on the screenMany younger audiences work this way. It’s good to know that Cavill knows this. I hope it translates into quality not only in his performance, but also in the text.

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