June 7, 2023


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Yaroslav Pinyuk and Zuzanna B: Hot Beach Scene

Yaroslav Pinyuk and Zuzanna B: Hot Beach Scene

Jaroslav Binyuk He was in love with model Zuzanna Pactwa for over a year. The couple initially hid with their affection, Today they have no problem showing off their relationship They appear together at public events.

They were present, among other things, at the audience of “Dancing with the Stars” in which the daughter of the former football player sang, Olivia Pennock.

Now, however, pictures of them have been taken under completely different conditions. The couple went for a walk on the beach. There would be nothing unusual about it, had it not been for the situation described by “Super Express”.

What happened at the beach? Well, it was very hot …

SE sums it up by saying that there is definitely no shortage of spice in their relationship.

I don’t think it is possible to disagree with that!

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