May 28, 2023


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The fatal diagnosis. The two-time world champion has been banned for the rest of the season

The first group of Saturday’s match in Tourwar, the capital. Projekt Warszawa starts its fourth quarter-final match with Kędzierzyn-Koźle. When the Varsovians lead 20:16 into the first set, their center forward Pyotr Novakovsky jumps to the ball. However, after executing the attack, he fell onto the dance floor holding his right hand. The situation indicates a serious-looking injury.

Later, his team lost the match 1: 3, and in the same proportion the quarter-finals also competed in full, although it was at a very high level. The only thing left for the project was to fight for fifth place, although the end of the season was great for them and they were the only ones who could boast of a series of 13 victories in a row on the main tour.

Projekt Warszawa confirms: Nowakowski will not play until the end of the season

However, Nowakowski would not help Projekt in the fifth-place matches. On Tuesday, the club announced that the two-time world champion would not appear on the field until the end of the season.

“Projekt Warszawa’s midfielder suffered a shoulder injury during the fourth quarter-final match against ZAKS, which eliminates him from the match until the end of the current season. The player will undergo rehabilitation,” the statement read.

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