Xbox Game Pass will no longer receive new games in 2022. Microsoft has completed an expansion of the offer

Microsoft has not decided to release new games in Xbox Game Pass in the second half of the month. The company is preparing for next year, because it is in January that those interested will get acquainted with some really interesting titles.

In December, Xbox Game Pass was expanded to include, among others, the popular High on Life, the highly rated Chained Echoes or the very popular and fantastic LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. However, we can hope the company adds more items to the collection — after all, the show has been added in two runs throughout the year.

But in December we are witnessing a different situation. Xbox Game Pass will no longer be expanded – Community Liaison Megan confirmed this The new games won’t be revealed until early January.


There will be no more #XboxGamePass announcements for the month of December. The team will announce more matches in early January. @Meganisrad, member of the Xbox Game Pass Community Marketing Team. “

New items should be revealed on January 3, but it should be noted that we already know the first games that Microsoft has prepared for the start of the year. The company will have access to three famous productions from Japan and one curiosity from Poland.

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