Xbox Game Pass Leaked?  Microsoft has prepared an interesting presentation

Today, the Redmond giant is likely to introduce a new slate of productions destined for Xbox Game Pass in the second half of March. Before we know the official news, it seems likely that the list was released early. Get ready for seven titles.

Microsoft continues its strategy and shares more details about the new proposals for the popular subscription. With some promising games booked for the first days of the month, it’s time for more announcements.

However, it turns out that we got to know the new batch of titles beforehand. Dealabs systematically shares news about the new show for Americans – this week it couldn’t be otherwise. In the coming days, users of the service will have the opportunity to see a completely diverse selection – here we have, among other things, racing, a sport focused on snowboarding, an RPG with a turn-based combat system, an RPG enriched with roguelike elements, as well as arcade or game Adventures that show a dystopian view of the world.

What do you think of these suggestions below?

  • F1 2021
  • Naholbok Dungeon
  • The Contaminated Cup: Conquest
  • strange west
  • tearing down
  • Escape From Zero: Nonary Games
  • Norco

The American company is focused on the further promotion of the service, which is constantly gaining popularity. Remember that the last 3 months of subscription access are given to gamers who have checked out the last 3 hot deals from Xbox.

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