WWE SmackDown Results for March 29, 2024

WWE SmackDown Uncasville, Connecticut

Commentators are Corey Graves and Wade Barrett.

– Tonight's WWE SmackDown, the blue show kicks off with the commentators welcoming us. We look at what happened between Cody Rhodes and The Rock on Raw. Randy Orton then enters the first match of the evening.

Tag Team Match

Randy Orton and Kevin Owens vs Freddy Deadly (Elton Prince & Kid Wilson)

At the end of the match, Kid Wilson attacks Randy Orton at ringside. With the referee's back turned, Logan Paul entered the ring and hit Kevin Owens with a pair of brass knuckles. Elton Prince pinned Owens for the win.

Kaganand: Very deadly

– After the match, Randy Orton watches a replay of Logan Paul's attack and goes to catch Logan Paul under the ring! A fight breaks out.

Randy Orton sees Logan Paul ringside and chases him into the parking lot! Logan flees in Paul's car.

– A video of the match between Bayley and Io Skye airs… but at the end of the taping of the interview the champ is attacked by Bayley!

– Nick Altis is in the ring and Jade Cargill introduces us. Wrestler signs SmackDown contract. She told us. The WWE women's roster is the best in the world but it doesn't have Jade Cargill. There is no such thing as a once-in-a-lifetime superstar. The “Storm” has arrived!

– Backstage, Kayla Braxton is with Damage CTRL. Dakota Kai says that Jade Cargill has yet to do anything but be there. The best part of SmackDown will be when she defeats Bianca Belaire. She shouldn't have come when they go after Naomi and she's going to be upset.

– Backstage, Nick Altice runs into Isla Dan, who talks to him about her entrance, but Alpha Fire pushes her away. Altice this time A.J. Stiles runs into him and asks him if he's not here for LA Night tonight. Aldis replied that he asked her not to come.

– Backstage, we see Bobby Lashley promoting Street Profits for the next match.

Tag Team Match

WrestleMania 40 ladder match qualifying match

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller vs Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montes Ford)

Bobby Lashley and B-Fab look down on the big screen at the end of the match. Garion Cross and Scarlet exit next to them. In the ring, Montez Ford was staring at the giant screen and followed up with a Frog Splash, which Austin Theory countered and followed up with the win.

Winners: Austin Theory and Grayson Waller

– After the match, The Authors of Pain attack Street Profits in the ring. Bobby Lashley comes in to attack The Final Arrangement and he takes him down.

– A video aired of the match between Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar.

– La Legado del Fantasma enters and Santos Escobar reminds us that he benched Rey Mysterio for months and beat him in the ring last week. Escobar brings in Dominic Mysterio.

Santos Escobar thanks Dominic Mysterio and says he was right. Dominic Mysterio tries to talk about his father, but the crowd boos him. Rey Mysterio's music sounds and LWO confronts Legato del Fantasma and Dominic Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio tells Dominic Mysterio that she thought she was done with him, but Santos Escobar is bringing her back. He has two men in front of him that he hates so much. Rey Mysterio challenges Santos Escobar and Dominic Mysterio to a tag team match at WrestleMania 40 ! Dominic Mysterio asks which LWO Jerk will join Rey Mysterio? He replied that he was the last member of the LWO… Dragon Lee !

Dragon Lee is coming. La Legado del Fantasma leaves, but Elektra Lopez approaches Jelena Vega, who slaps her! A fight breaks out between the two clans. La Legado Del Fantasma is kicked out of the ring.

– Backstage, Bianca Belaire and Naomi are together and let each other know that they are supporting each other against the CTRL damage.

– Behind the scenes, Judgment Day doesn't understand why Dominic Mysterio didn't warn him about the match at WrestleMania. Dominic Mysterio comes in and says he wants to make them proud, but now he has to go to the doctor. JD McDonagh takes him to the doctor.

Tag Team Match

WrestleMania 40 ladder match qualifying match

New Catch Republic (Pete Dunn & Tyler Bad) vs. Legacy of the Ghost (Perto & Angel)

At the end of the match, Pete Dunn broke up Angel's pinfall on Tyler Pate against Berto Pate. Angel surprises Pete Dunne, but is countered by Tyler Bate, who tags in. New Catch Republic follows up with a double tiger driver on Angel to win by pinfall.

Cognants: The New Catch Republic

– We see what happened between The Rock and Cody Rhodes on RAW.

– Backstage, we see Paul Heyman revealing that Roman Reigns demanded that Rock Rock did it. Jimmy Uso says Tribal chief And Jey Uso has requested that he face Solo Chikova next week.

– AJ Styles enters and grabs the microphone. He says we are the reason why LA Night came to his house. He should have locked him out so he missed his first WrestleMania. He knows Nick Aldis asked LA Knight not to come tonight, but he knows he's there.

A.J. Styles tells him to come but LA Knight doesn't. AJ Styles can be anywhere he wants to be…in the crowd, maybe as a cameraman. LA Knight is not a cinematographer. A man comes to ringside but is stopped by security. AJ Styles takes off the hood and it's not LA Knight. Security takes the man. A.J. STYLES IS STANDING RINGSIDE AND A SECURITY MAN IS BESIDE HIM… HIS HAT IS TAKEN OFF AND IT'S LA KNIGHT! The two men brawl and Styles flees through the crowd.

LA Knight comes to the commentary table and says AJ Styles can run and hide and he knows whose game it is at WrestleMania: The Knight. Yes!

– A presentation video about Tiffany Stratton aired.

– Next week SmackDown: Battle Royal in Memory Andre the Giant / Randy Orton will be a guest on the KO Show / Zelina Vega Elektra Lopez / New Catch Republic Austin Theory and Grayson Waller / Jey Uso will face Solo Chikova.

– WWE reminds us that WWE SPEED starts next Wednesday on X (Twitter).

Singles match

Bianca Belair vs Dakota Guy

At the end of the match, Bianca Belaire used her KOD on Dakota Kai and followed up with the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belaire

– After the match, Damage CTRL comes to attack Bianca Belaire, but Naomi comes to her aid… but the Clan gets the upper hand again. The music of Jade Cargill Sounds and she comes to get rid of CTRL damage! The show ends with Bianca Belaire, Naomi and Jade Cargill celebrating in front of the WrestleMania 40 logo.

Photo credit: WWE

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