“The stench is spreading throughout Europe.”  General Bulko on the announcement of the Ministry of National Defense regarding General Gromadzinski

On Wednesday afternoon, the Ministry of National Defense published a statement announcing that the Military Counterintelligence Service had initiated search procedures “in connection with the personal security clearance of Lieutenant General Jaroslaw Gromadzinski in connection with obtaining new information about the officer.” “The decision was therefore made to remove Lieutenant-General Gromadzinski from his position as Commander of the European Corps and return him immediately to the country.” – The Ministry of National Defense informed.

General Jaroslaw Gromadzinski

“This decision raises concerns.”

General Roman Bulko was asked about the decision of the ministry headed by Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamish, in an interview with the Polish News Agency. In his opinion, the matter is “strange”, and the manner in which General Gromadzinski was dismissed is “questionable”.

“Communication, or rather the absence of it, with society and the military community is also unacceptable. If it turns out that there is any trace of truth in these German reports, and that they found out about them before ours, it would be a scandal. However, I would like to stress that the person targeted for a high position “Like General Gromadzinski, he was previously subject to intense scrutiny by the services – and not only ours. They are examining whether she is vulnerable to corruption, what her connections are and where. “This is a detailed investigation, we speak with many people, there is no randomness here. When we send someone to the EU military structures, to a high position, we guarantee them. “He is treated there as a diplomat, like a military ambassador of Poland.”

– It is to explain.

He continued: “On the other hand, by announcing that we have initiated an inspection in this person’s case, the impression is created that the agencies are ruling the state – just as happened in Putin’s Russia.”where if someone wants to be fired from work, probation measures are simply filed against them.

When asked how, in his opinion, the Ministry should have acted, General Bulko replied: “If there was a serious error, it should have been clearly stated that there were justified reasons for his dismissal. However, it is better to handle everything discreetly.” , not this way “The stench is spreading – so to speak – throughout Europe.”

“I don't know these claims, but after this step someone's head must roll. If it is true that the services have received some new information about the general, they should investigate why their predecessors did not discover it. However, I will repeat: this is done secretly so as not to Our country is being subjected to distorting our image, so as not to destroy our credibility.”

– He finished.

During the conversation, the topic was also raised that “because of these various political upheavals, Poles are not excluded for high positions in international structures.”

The former commander of the special military formation, Grom, finds this very painful.

“I once spoke with the late President Lech Kaczynski and he told me that his strategy was to promote promising young leaders to higher positions, in order to gain recognition in NATO for their knowledge and position, and in order to reach a situation where we were going to assume leadership positions there, and unfortunately The Smolensk catastrophe robbed us of many such great generals, like the late Tadek Bock. I know that General Pyotr Bazius, whom I have known since he was a second lieutenant, is a very great man. A good officer and will certainly replace General Gromadzinski with dignity, but the Western military, Those who look at this situation, walking around with resignations and nominations, wonder what determines them – the substantive issues or whether Poland includes candidates in international party structures.

– I confess.

As he summed up – “Politicians spoil our reputation in the international military environment.”

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Source: nielezna.pl, PAP

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