12 things to know about Sophie Grenier, winner of “La Voix” season nine

At 17, Sophie Grenier became the ninth winner voice, Quebec edition.

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He won the competition with his final performance, Let’s talk about love (English adaptation Because you are leaving), You can see it in the video above.

Here are 12 things to know about the acclaimed singer:

1. She is Franco-Ontarian

The artist is from Orleans, near Ottawa, Ontario. She also informed the voice A great opportunity for him to promote the French language through music in Ontario. “It means a lot of power, sharing the French language here. We are fighting for our language. In Ontario and Quebec”, he said on stage during the finale.

2. Still in school

Sophie is in grade 12 (the last year of high school in Ontario, like the first year of CEGEP for Quebecers). She will have to make up for lost time, but she is sure to finish her year. “My school is behind me and supporting me and we’ll find a way to make it work,” he said.

3. She has a YouTube channel

The said young lady has published nine videos His channel, accumulating thousands of views. His latest video is the music video for the song escape, An original composition by Sophie.

4. She absolutely loves her singing career

“I don’t know,” she said in an interview with QMI, seconds after being crowned. “I’m still the girl who passed the pre-audition. It’s a dream for me because I want to live from music. Success.” the voice And make an album, it’s crazy.

Watch Sophie sing again let me dance In the semi-finals:

5. Her musical inspirations are feminine and diverse

Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Tate McRae, Aurora, Lana Del Rey and Pomme are the singers Sophie is most happy to watch. According to Sophie’s description, she also goes through recordings with orchestral masterpieces by Cody Fry and Emily Beare, Sleeping at Last.

6. Sophie often returns to a particular genre

Since her debut in 2018, the young singer often returns to style, although she likes to explore different genres.

7. She is an outcast in life

He told QMI that music helps him express himself and express himself. “When I get on a stage and start singing, I feel completely at ease. The stage is my home.

8. Pre-songs the voice

Before participating the voicePosted by Sophie Grenier Escape, a four-song EP in English. “I was working with an English-speaking producer, so doing it in French was difficult.”

9. His album will be in French

Plus a $50,000 prize, as the big winner voice, The singer has also won an album deal with Musicer, all of which will be in French. “Of course I want it to be only in French. Mario Belchat has his own record company within Musicer, I think he can help me,” he assured, still to his colleagues at the QMI agency.

10. She will register the bird

He would include his version on his debut album the birdRené Simart’s song she sang in the blind auditions, which brought her huge success.

Relive the unique moment here:

She wants to write songs that describe her and sound like her.

11. Sophie sings in the vineyard of her coach, Mario Belzat

Joel LeMay | QMI Agency

Mario Belsad praised his patron, who has already invited him to come and sing at his vineyard in the summer. “She was only 17 and I started then. I won my first tournament at the same age as her and everything is there.

12. Ninth in a great series

She is the ninth woman to win voice, Thanks to the show we now know Alicia Moffett, Raphael Roy and Charlotte Cardin!

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