April 1, 2023


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WSJ: Foreign companies with subsidiaries in Russia have already lost $59 billion due to sanctions

WSJ: Foreign companies with subsidiaries in Russia have already lost $59 billion due to sanctions

war in Ukraine Launched by Russia also hit the domestic market. Hundreds of Western companies have decided to withdraw from the country ruled by Vladimir Putin. According to the Wall Street JournalThere are nearly a thousand of them. Russia Is a large market, although it is not a major factor for most companies – McDonald’s revenue from Russia For example, only 3%.

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Companies that withdrew from Russia lost $59 billion

The financial results published so far show that Western companies have lost 59 billion by withdrawing from Russia dollar (258.5 billion PLN). However, fewer than 50 companies out of nearly 1,000 that decided to take such a step are responsible for most of this amount. Furthermore, this number may be underestimated, as not every company actually provided the data. Even numbers from British American Tobacco are still missing.

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I recorded a huge loss BPwhich is gradually selling off its Russian assets. In May alone, the British company’s accounting loss was $25.5 billion. Exxon, in turn, reported a loss of $3.4 billion.

The rental companies they hired also suffered huge losses Planes Russian carriers. For example, AerCap recorded negative $2.7 billion, affected by 100 machines that were not returned from Russia.

McDonald’s In turn, he reported 1.2 – 1.4 billion dollars. Losses after he sold 850 of his restaurants. In their place this weekend, a new network is opening, so far at 15 locations.

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What is the stock market’s reaction to the decision to withdraw from Russia?

A study from the Yale School of Management found that companies were rewarded for their decision to withdraw from Russia. a plus the prices Of the shares it was supposed to outweigh the losses incurred by one-time companies in the write-down of their Russian assets.

However, a more accurate picture was shown by the research conducted by Professor K. Vivica Estvancha of Indiana University, who analyzed the short-term impact of the decision to suspend operations. under Attention Reaction has been taken Stock market After more than 200 contacts about the withdrawal from Russia. The results showed that investors penalized American companies that withdrew from Russia, while companies from other countries benefited.

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