ZUS has valued the insured's accounts, but will not report them by sending a letter.  How to check the current state of the capital in ZUS

The Social Insurance Corporation encourages you to check how much money from the contributions we have in your account and how much our default pension is. Prior to the pandemic, ZUS informed each insured by sending personal messages. COVID-19-related restrictions mean that the organization has stopped sending such messages and is placing data on online accounts that have been made available to all interested parties. However, to find out this information, you must first access it by logging in and setting a password.


Of course, this does not apply to people who already connect to ZUS via the Internet and therefore previously created an account on the Electronic Services Platform (PUE). Both will, after logging into their PUE account, find information about their PUE account status by entering the Lock Panel, selecting the Account Information tab, and then the Information for 2021 option.

At the same time, the standard for information on the state of the secured account (IoSKU) has not changed – it looks exactly like what we know from letters that we found in our mailboxes once a year.

This information contains some very important data for future retirees:

  • Retirement account balance after annual assessment;
  • the amount accumulated in the inherited ZUS sub-account;
  • the amount that went to OFE;
  • The amount of contributions transferred to the account of the insured in the individual months of 2021;
  • Calculation of the default old-age pension amount with several variables.

In June, ZUS traditionally conducts annual indexing of insured accounts and sub-accounts. It consists in multiplying the amount accumulated on the account on the last day of the previous year by the indexation index.

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