We may lose the population

a. Włodzimierz GutA virologist from the National Institute of Health, was a guest on “Gość Wydarzeń” on Wednesday. The expert was asked on-air, inter alia, about the effectiveness of the vaccine against Corona Virus The purpose of administering the third dose of the formulation.

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Is the national immunization program successful?

a. Włodzimierz Gut: Vaccines likely to remain effective

– If any of the properties changed virus – The point of fusion or the point responsible for fusion with the cell membrane – it is possible that we will lose it from the population, or we will have to adapt – he said on the air polsat news Professor wirusolog. Good.

“SARS and the coronavirus have completely withdrawn from the population,” he added. – It is found in camels and civets, but there are no infections among humans, a Corona virus disease He said it was wide enough that he could rest. Professor Gott emphasized this Corona virus Not the flu. It’s not a segmented virus, and it doesn’t have that kind of scramble ability. vaccinations The virologist from the National Institute of Health explained that it will likely still be effective.

The expert also added that the third dose vaccinations against SARS-CoV-2 It aims to “strengthen when the immune system is weaker”. Not the same as the flu, because it changes every year, so all studies are geared toward using a dose for a certain year. He added that the Corona virus is not very volatile.

Ministry of Health: 974 cases of coronavirus and 14 deaths

The third dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Whose?

On Tuesday (September 21), the government, in conjunction with the Medical Council, expanded the list of people who will be able to take the third dose of the COVID-19 preparation. “From September 24, all people over the age of 50 will be able to get the brand-name booster vaccine. Pfizer“- We read in a government announcement. People who previously received a different type of vaccine can now be vaccinated with Pfizer. It was already possible to give the third dose from the beginning of September, among others, to people undergoing treatment. tumorsOr after transplantation or immunodeficiency or infected human immunodeficiency virus.

Doctors - illustrationDoctors suffering from vaccinations quit their jobs

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