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A new series is coming to a close . About ““, Also known for his works for the famous writer Mario Shajris’ original show,” Ugly Duckling “,” Good Neighbors “, and” Casido de Ciolo “. This melodrama began its recording several weeks ago and is expected to be released in 2022.

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Project, which sets a location Telemundo Center in Miami, Is Spanish Evan Sanchez (“Queen of the South”) and Angelica Celaya (“Jenny Rivera: Maribosa Di Bario”) As its protagonists. Likewise, the enemies of the story are nothing more or less Catherine Siachok and Mauricio Islas.

“It’s a true love story that will reach the hearts of the audience directly as they see themselves reflected in the characters facing challenges and family problems, where love is the key to overcoming everything.” He pointed out Karen Baroda, Vice President of Production and Development Managing for Telemundo Global Studios, By a press release.

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Evan Sanchez and Angelika Celaya in a photo session for the show (Photo: La Mujer de Mi Vida / Instagram)

The story of “the woman of my life”

The novel revolves around Ricardo Orip, a successful businessman who loves his family and his wife Daniela who wants to be an actress. This person’s life changes when his best friend Emilio betrays him and tries to kill him in order to keep everything he owns: his business and family. People close to Europe think he is dead, but he is still alive, and unfortunately amnesia will prevent this man from returning home.

Fifteen years later, Ricardo is experiencing changes in his physical appearance and his memory is coming back, so he is ready to return home and ask what is his. He decides to use another identity of Pablo Silva, so as not to cause problems with the authorities, due to a plan made by his former best friend.

Orip seeks to restart his relationship with his loving wife and children, but first he has to make sure that no one finds his true identity, which has ruined his life again.

When was the series released?

When does “The Girl of My Life” begin?

“La Mujer de Mi Vida”, a new product that the Telemundo Center has been recording for many years, has the first date of the first quarter of 2022. Records are already being made with actors promising to create this story in Miami. Great success.

Actors and women of my life “

  • Evan Sanchez as Ricardo Oribel and Pablo Silva
  • Angelica Celaya as Daniela
  • Mauricio Islas as Emilio

Other Actors “Woman of My Life”

  • Catherine Siachok
  • Patricia Reyes Spinola
  • David Astroski
  • Rodrigo Murray
  • Angel norm
  • Vanessa Diaz
  • Jason Romo
  • Rosalinda Rodriguez
  • Oswaldo Jared.
  • Litsy
  • Pepe Games
  • Ana Lorena Sanchez
  • Norkis Baptist
  • Simon Marvel
  • Vin Ramos
  • கட்டியா படா

The “girl of my life” progress

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