May 28, 2023


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Włoszczowska reveals behind the scenes of the IOC’s decision regarding the Russians. This is what the athletes wanted

Getty Images / Maciej Gillert / Pictured: Maja Włoszczowska

Peter Popakowski

Maya Woszczowska, a member of the IOC’s Athletes’ Committee, claims that the majority of the Olympic community is in favor of returning the Russians and Belarusians to start international competitions.

The International Olympic Committee recommends, despite the war going on in Ukraine (the armed invasion of the Putin regime’s forces began on February 24, 2022), that the representatives of Russia and Belarus return to the international arena and participate in the qualifiers for the Olympic Games in Paris. In the year 2024.

Returns will be possible under a neutral flag and after certain requirements are met by players and coaches. A big proponent of such a scenario is the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach from Germany.

– From the inside, I can say that most of the athletes were in favor of the restoration of the Russians and Belarusians, of course, provided that they are neutral, – admitted Maja Włoszczowska from the IOC Athletes’ Committee in an interview with the portal.

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The two-time deputy Olympic champion in mountain biking confirmed that the Olympic community supports the recommendations, even though the differences in opinions are huge.

Africa, for example, believes that Russian sports should not be sanctioned. But it turns out that the war in Ukraine, for which the Russian Federation bears responsibility, is not a major issue at all.

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– For the players, the biggest problem is really the doping issue, not the war. Most of them believe that the individual athlete should not be held accountable for government actions. (…]Players from all over the world are worried about whether Russian athletes will come back clean, – added the 39-year-old Włoszczowska.

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