Vibak really said that about your lips.  Sounds like a conspiracy theory

Getty Images / Robert Prange / Pictured: Iga Świątek / Small photo: Wojciech Fibak

Lukas Wiczek

Iga Świątek withdrew from the WTA Miami tournament due to a rib injury. Wojciech Wiebak, in an interview with Fact, posited that it wasn’t trauma that prompted the Polish woman to take such a step. He believes that a possible confrontation with Yelena Rybakina is the reason for the decision.

The Polish tennis player was defending her WTA title in Miami. However, due to injury, Iga Świątek announced her withdrawal from the prestigious tournament, where she had 1000 rating points to defend. The rib injury is the result of an infection Svetek contracted in February.

As Shvetek admitted, a “bout of strong coughing” caused his rib injury. Fortunately, the pain is not severe, but it prevents you from playing at the highest level. That is why the Polish woman decided to take care of her health and will rest from the match for four weeks.

Wojciech Fibak has a different view of withdrawing from the tournament in Miami. The legendary Polish tennis player said that Świątek made such a decision because of a possible confrontation with Jelena Rybakina already at the quarterfinal level.

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– Pain in the ribs is known to be a major nuisance, but I think Iga could grit her teeth and play if the tournament ladder was different to her. If only the shadow of Jelena Rybakina, with whom she just lost in Indian Wells, hung over her again, said Fibak.

Let us remind you that in the semifinals of the WTA Indian Wells Świątek easily lost to the representative of Kazakhstan. After the match, she admitted that she felt pain in the rib area and could not give it her all.

Fibak believes Miami Świątek will have one less chance against Rybakina. All because the courts in Florida are faster than the ones in California.

– Iga could have come to the conclusion that if Rybakina controlled her there, then what could happen when the ball flies faster. When you think this way, the ribs start to hurt more, – added Vibak.

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