Valuev says when the Russians return.  bleak evil vision

Nikolai Valuev, known as “The Beast from the East”, is one of the most recognizable boxers in history. The former world champion is 213 centimeters tall, weighs about 150 kilograms, and has 50 victories (34 Knockout) and only two failures. He won the championship for the first time in 2005, defeating John Ruiz on points. After a year and a half, he lost his belt because he lost to Ruslan Chagaev.

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Nikolai Valuev

In 2008, Valuev regained the WBA belt, but lost it a year later to David Haye, who, admittedly, scored the Russian goal, but avoided direct engagements throughout the fight. – Fans pay for the fun fightingAnd not chases around the ring – Wałuyev was nervous. He never came back to the ring. He started developing other emotions.

He even starred in the movie “Stone Head”. He played a boxer who lost his memory and was forced back into the ring by the mafia. Then he turned to politics. He is currently a deputy of the State Duma and spreads Kremlin propaganda.

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Valuev: The Russians will return to the competition when they freeze

RussiaWhich started the war in Ukraine and committed heinous crimes there, began to disappear from the world a few months ago sports. The decision to exclude athletes was taken by most sports federations in the world. – It is very difficult to define or define the term, which may lead to the tightening of penalties or the lifting of some of them. So, in general, there is a paragraph that we stick to. We will monitor the situation closely and adapt our activities as it develops, said Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee a few weeks ago. The topic is still relevant.

– The International Olympic Committee began looking for ways to return Russian athletes to world competition, including the Olympic Games. We all feel that at some point individual athletes should not be victims of any government policy or other tensions around the world, Susan Lyons, president of the US Olympic and Paralympic Games Council, said Thursday. In the published video, Bach added that Russian and Belarusian athletes can participate in the competition without national symbols.

Waujou also took the floor.

– No shock. I’m not surprised by their talk. Thomas Bach, as with steroids, turned the cat on its tail beautifully again. The former boxer said that the Russians will return to competition when they freeze and the industry in Europe is dying.

Russian often talks about athletes.

What do you think about the departure of foreign players from Russia? Leagues? Let them run away. Rats always run away from the ship: not only when it sinks, but also when it comes under fire. Mercenaries will never be like us. Valuev said recently.

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